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News Headlines

The westward spread of zebra and quagga mussels shows how tiny invaders can cause big problems

The zebra mussel has been a poster child for invasive species ever since it unleashed economic and ecological havoc on the Great Lakes in the late 1980s. Yet despite intensive efforts to control it and its relative, the quagga mussel, these fingernail-sized mollusks are spreading through U.S. ri ...

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Latest threat to Forests in North America: Invasive Asian jumping worms

For most gardeners, an earthworm is great for the soil, however, there is an invasive earthworm in North America that is quite literally, destructive.

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Animals we’ve lost: the 15 carp species that disappeared from a single lake

Just two species of the freshwater fish still exist in the ancient waters of Lake Lanao in the Philippines after predatory fish were accidentally introduced

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Alien species are moving across oceans faster, accelerated by climate change

Oceans and coastlines have been subjected to human use for centuries. But the effects of human activity on the oceans are now more extensive, with the resulting changes happening more rapidly than ever before.

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Acid-spraying ant poses major threat to biodiversity in Queensland

An invasive species of acid-spraying ant is spreading throughout Australia, causing concern it could wipe out small native species and make homes impossible to sell.

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Invasive species: Are they really threatening the Mediterranean Sea and local fisheries?

Invasive species are becoming a global concern. In the last 20 years, the number of non-native species in European waters has increased to almost 1,300. The issue is most acute in the Mediterranean Sea, which is home to 69 per cent of them and although only 10 per cent are categorised as invasive.

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Lizards or snakes? The stark game of survival playing out in Ibiza

The growing trend for imported olive trees has brought hoards of invasive snakes to the Spanish island, threatening the future of its wall lizard

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The blood-hungry parasite that threatens big fish and business in the Great Lakes

They have the body of an eel, the mouth of a sarlacc, and the diet of a vampire. Sea lampreys are fish native to the Atlantic Ocean and the rivers that flow into it. But more than a century ago, they found their way into the Great Lakes, where they multiplied and became one of the most destructi ...

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Growing plant trade may spread invasive species – but help ecosystems adapt to climate change

Plant seeds must travel far to maintain healthy ecosystems. Carried on the wind or in the fur and dung of animals, travelling seeds help cleared forest patches regrow and infuse clutches of rare species with diverse genes, making them more resistant to extinction.

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South American weevils released in UK waterways to tackle invasive weed

South American weevils have been released into Britain’s waterways by the government in order to tackle the invasive species floating pennywort.

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The cost of invasive species bears heavy on Indian economy: study

As many as 10 invasive alien species (IAS), out of 330 that are known to be invasive in India, have cost the economy $127.3 billion (Rs. 8.3 trillion) in the last 60 years, according to a recent analysis that points to glaring knowledge gaps in costs incurred by these species to the Indian economy.

News Headlines

Invasive Species Threaten the Biodiversity of the Adriatic Sea

The arrival of nearly 50 invasive species into the Adriatic Sea over the course of the previous three decades confirms new conditions developing in this Mediterranean sub-basin, but also represents a danger to its biodiversity. Fortunately, there are still ways in which such a threat could be mi ...

News Headlines

Watch out for invasive jumping worms this garden season

Invasive jumping worms are something to be on the lookout for this spring and summer. This group of invasive species native to East-Central Asia that recently popped up in Ontario might make you squirm if you see them thrashing around when they are disturbed.

News Headlines

Cape Town currently facing an invasion of alien wasp species – here’s why

Over the past few months, with the warmer summer temperatures, the City of Cape Town has been battling with an invasion of yellow and black insects, commonly known as the German wasp (Vespula germanica) and European Paper wasp (Polistes dominula).

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Our urban forests are in peril. 'Garden Bro' to the rescue!

With his tousled black hair and heart-melting smile, Gabe Verduzco certainly has the looks of an influencer, but instead of sharing dance moves or crazy pranks he's making his mark on social media by posting pictures of insects and native flowers, or himself in an orange workman's vest climbing ...

News Headlines

Research Insights: Invasive Alien Species Poses Threat to Agriculture and Biodiversity in Africa

IAS induces yield loss, which has major consequences for livelihoods. They are also to blame for the loss or decline of other species. According to a 2021 study, the impact of the IAS on agriculture and other important food production initiatives might cost Africa $3.66 trillion per year.

News Headlines

Invasive alien species threaten agriculture and biodiversity in Africa: Study

Invasive alien species (IAS) of plants, animals and microbes lead to losses running up to billions of dollars annually in every part of the world, particularly in sub-Saharan Africa, according to a new report. The region has seen the arrival of many IAS in recent years.

News Headlines

Mad, bad and dangerous to know: Cooking with the invasive plants in your backyard

Invasive alien plants are everywhere, writes Andie Bulman. The good news? We can eat some of them. Purple loosestrife pops up in Conception Bay South, Japanese knotweed surrounds downtown St. John's and stinging nettles march into meadows and barrens.

News Headlines

Rack of squirrel, anyone? The chefs putting invasive species on the menu

From oral contraceptives to proposals to edit their DNA, efforts to control the UK’s invasive grey squirrel population have become increasingly elaborate. But a growing number of chefs and conservationists have a far simpler idea, which they see as part of the trend in ethical dining: eat them.

News Headlines

New app among efforts to help fight invasive species

From lionfish to mongooses, and black rats to Giant African Snails, invasive species pose one of the greatest threats to the country’s ecosystems.

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“Alien” Species of Predatory Hammerhead Worms Identified in Europe and Africa

One of the consequences of globalization is the inadvertent spread of invasive plant and animal species. Land flatworms have invaded the entire world, principally via the plant trade. More than ten species are now widespread, such as Obama nungara (originally from Argentina), Platydemus manokwar ...

News Headlines

‘We started eating them’: what do you do with an invasive army of crayfish clones?

Small, bluish-grey and speckled, it would be easy to overlook the marbled crayfish. Except for the fact it is likely to be coming to a pond or river near you soon – if it is not already there.

News Headlines

Call for tougher measures to stop invasive species posing threat to Antarctica ecosystem

That is the conclusion of a study tracking research, fishing and tourist vessels that routinely visit the protected, otherwise isolated region.

News Headlines

In Punjab, sacred forests are shrinking due to encroachments and invasive species

Better documentation of the flora and fauna in the groves and traditional practices can help in conserving biodiversity in the green pockets, say experts.

News Headlines

How to scare an invasive fish? A menacing robot predator.

The mosquitofish is wreaking havoc on native Australian marine life. In a new study, scientists tried to frighten it with a look-alike of its natural foe.

News Headlines

How Pablo Escobar’s ‘cocaine hippos’ became a biodiversity nightmare

Animals brought illegally to Colombia by the drug kingpin have been allowed to roam free and are now disrupting the fragile ecosystem.

News Headlines

8 Species Driven Toward Extinction by Cats

It has been thousands of years since the first cats were domesticated, but we still don’t seem to have much control over them. Many people let their cats come and go as they please, perhaps forgetting — or not caring — that domestic cats kill billions of birds and mammals each year.

News Headlines

Australia faces wave of native extinctions without urgent action on invasive species, CSIRO reports

Research shows introduced pest plants and animals are costing the country $25bn a year.

News Headlines

Australia’s native wildlife in grip of unprecedented attack

A new report, Fighting plagues and predators Australia’s path to a pest and weed-free future, released today, reveals the environment is facing a “sliding doors” moment, with two possible futures for Australia, depending on the decisions made today.

News Headlines

Cape Town fights alien trees threatening its water supply, biodiversity

In South Africa’s Franschhoek mountains a helicopter drops off abseilers to cut down invasive pine trees that are choking off water supplies to millions of Cape Town residents already facing climate change-induced shortages.

News Headlines

Young Boy Caught a Massive "Foot-Long" Goldfish, Proving Invasive Goldfish Epidemic

According to an email from his father Jason to the Press, Cash Geiger grabbed a foot-long goldfish while fishing at the Fireman's Park pond in August.

News Headlines

Invasive fish push westward as the Mediterranean Sea slowly becomes tropical

Pasquale Tuccio docks his small, blue and white wooden boat at the old pier on Linosa, one of Italy’s tiny Pelagie islands in the strait of Sicily.

News Headlines

Kerala forest research institute to launch project for ‘inva ..

With alien invasive species fast changing the landscape and vegetation of Kerala, scientists at Kerala forest research institute (KFRI are proposing a concept of Invasive-free campuses for institutions in the state.

News Headlines

‘Kill it!’ US officials advise no mercy for lanternfly summer invasion

The official public guidance is simple and to the point: “Kill it! Squash it, smash it … just get rid of it!” Such is the threat posed by a summer invasion of troublesome spotted lanternfly insects in the north-east that Pennsylvania’s department of agriculture has resorted to the unorthodox lan ...

News Headlines

Invasive cane toads found to use cannibalism to improve their chances of survival in new areas

A team of researchers at the University of Sydney has found that invasive cane toad tadpoles have given their species an advantage in Australia by eating the hatchlings of native toads. In their paper published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, the group describes how they test ...

News Headlines

Three Australian native plants that have become invasive species

Australian native plants are having a moment in the sun, with more of us seeking out and planting native species than in the past. Our gardens—and our social media feeds—are brimming with beautiful Australian native blooms.

News Headlines

Public survey on tougher rules to protect island from imported pests

The public has been asked for their views on proposed legislation designed to tackle the threat from imported animals and plants. Walter Roban, the home affairs minister, said the draft Invasive Alien Species Act 2021 would strengthen protection and mean better enforcement at the island’s borders.

News Headlines

What you need to know about the invasive spotted lanternfly spreading across the eastern U.S.

The spotted lanternfly was first detected in Pennsylvania in 2014 and has since spread to 26 counties in that state and at least six other eastern states. It's moving into southern New England, Ohio and Indiana.

News Headlines

Seychelles: Project On Seychelles' Silhouette Island Protects Coco De Mer From Invasive Plant

A project to tackle invasive plants threatening a coco de mer population on Silhouette island started last month by the Island Conservation Society in partnership with the Islands Development Company and Hilton Labriz Resort and Spa.

News Headlines

A fish called Guppy named after a Trinidadian

Did you know that the guppy (Poecilia reticulata) was named after a Trinidadian? You may be wondering, how did this happen? Well, in 1866, Trinidadian Robert John Lechmere Guppy sent specimens of the fish from TT to the Natural History Museum in London.

News Headlines

Targeted removals and enhanced monitoring can help manage lionfish in the Mediterranean

Targeted removals can be effective in suppressing the number of invasive lionfish found within protected coastlines around the Mediterranean Sea.

News Headlines

‘I’ve seen 40 on one dive’: invasive lionfish threatens ecosystems in Med

Non-native lionfish have become increasingly common in parts of the Mediterranean in recent years, threatening local ecosystems and posing a hazard to humans through their venomous spines.

News Headlines

Goldfish dumped in lakes grow to monstrous size, threatening ecosystems

Authorities in Minnesota have appealed to aquarium owners to stop releasing pet fish into waterways, after several huge goldfish were pulled from a local lake.

News Headlines

Plastic rafting: the invasive species hitching a ride on ocean litter

Japan’s 2011 tsunami was catastrophic, killing nearly 16,000 people, destroying homes and infrastructure, and sweeping an estimated 5m tons of debris out to sea.

News Headlines

The invasion of the Asian killer hornet: is it here to stay?

Vespa velutina is included in the Spanish Catalog of Invasive Alien Species and the consequences of its establishment in Spain are ecological, economic and on human health. However, it is necessary to emphasize that the Asian wasp is no more dangerous than its European counterparts

News Headlines

Tiny invasive beetle threatens millions of trees in South Africa

The tiny polyphagous shot hole borer and its associated fungus looks set to become the most damaging biological invasion in South Africa’s urban environments, warns the country’s latest report on biological invasions.

News Headlines

Extreme climate events may see alien species in India

A recent paper by Indian scientists from the University of Kerala in the journal ‘Biological Invasions’ has warned that extreme climate events may aid the spread of alien species in biodiversity hotspots in the country.

News Headlines

Invasive species a danger to South Africa’s biodiversity, says Creecy

Cape Town - Invasive species are the third-largest threat to South Africa’s biodiversity after cultivation and land degradation, according to a report released by Forestry, Fisheries and Environmental Affairs Minister Barbara Creecy in Cape Town on Friday.

News Headlines

Invasive squirrel species seen as threat to wildlife and farms

The proliferation of invasive Finlayson’s squirrel in Metro Manila is now reportedly spreading fast in Batangas and Nueva Ecija, and may soon pose a serious threat to other wildlife, including fruit farms, if their population continues to grow uncontrollably, a wildlife trade specialist warned.

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Keys to the invasion of plant species in Europe revealed

The invasive species not only reduce the biodiversity of our natural environment, they spread diseases or cause severe annoyances in our society, but they also cause millionaire economic damages.

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