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News Headlines

Rewilding Patagonia: Chile's Great Conservation Leap Forward

A four-million-hectare national park in Chile is being brought back to life by restoring the land to nature.

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National parks: Serving humanity’s well-being as much as nature’s

Imagine, for a moment, a world without national parks

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Is wildfire management 'for the birds?'

Spotted owl populations are in decline all along the West Coast, and as climate change increases the risk of large and destructive wildfires in the region, these iconic animals face the real threat of losing even more of their forest habitat.

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No-take marine areas help fishers (and fish) far more than we thought

One hectare of ocean in which fishing is not allowed (a marine protected area) produces at least five times the amount of fish as an equivalent unprotected hectare, according to new research published today.

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Seychelles to set up Marine Protected Areas

The government of Seychelles has pledged to set aside 30 percent of its exclusive economic zone (EEZ) to marine protected areas, out of which 15 percent will be a no take, no fishing and no extraction.

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Canada needs to triple the amount of protected land and water to tackle 'nature emergency': report

Biodiversity is declining faster than at any other time in human history, study finds

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Protected forests to grow under new rules, says palm oil watchdog

KUALA LUMPUR, July 16 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - P rotected forest areas will grow by up to 10% under new rules to stop deforestation, the palm oil industry watchdog said on Tuesday, which is working to make the edible oil greener.

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Protecting a forgotten treasure trove of biodiversity

The Cerrado is the largest savanna region in South America, but compared to the Amazon Forest to the north, it does not attract much attention.

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First African Protected Areas Congress: A Watershed Event For Africa's Parks And Wildlife

The first African Protected Areas Congress is scheduled to convene in Nairobi, Kenya, from 18 to 23 November 2019.

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Kaveh-Deh in northeastern Tehran defined protected area

TEHRAN – Kaveh-Deh, a hunting prohibited region in northeastern Tehran, has been defined as a protected area, being included in the Department of Environment (DOE) list, Fars news agency reported on Sunday.

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Simba’s future depends on putting communities at the forefront of lion conservation (commentary)

While Simba and Mufasa’s return to the big screen is good news for Disney and summer movie fans, in the quarter-century since the original animated version of The Lion King was released, Africa’s lion population has declined by roughly half.

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A refuge for royalty

In 1850, a tiger’s pawprints could be found in both the hardpacked snow of Siberian forests and the soft beach sands of Bali.

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England’s new nature reserves ‘will help us tackle global heating’

Conservation and climate change policy ‘should be two sides of same coin’, says chair of Natural England

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Pristine Arctic reserves will benefit wildlife and Inuit communities

Canada's newest marine protected area is expected to be a refuge for wildlife as other parts of the Arctic face instability.

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National Parks To Pave The Way For China’s ‘Ecological Civilization’

Integrated management of China’s protected areas through the newly formed National Park Administration could boost both conservation and tourism.

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Botswana to continue elephant protection talks with Kenya: minister

GABORONE, Aug. 9 (Xinhua) -- Botswana will continue talks about elephant protection with Kenya in order to hold the east African country together with itself at an upcoming international conference on wildlife protection, a minister said Thursday.

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Why tiny Belize is a world leader in protecting the ocean

Fish stocks are stable and reef health improving, in part thanks to Belize’s substantial ‘no-take’ zones. Now greater legislation is needed to secure progress

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Feds approve $3.9M for protected, conserved areas in Tahltan territory

Tahltan Central Government says project will improve Indigenous stewardship of lands

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White-tailed eagles return to southern Britain after 240 years

Conservationists hope release of six eaglets on Isle of Wight will mirror Scotland success

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Cuba drastically reforms fishing laws to protect coral reef, sharks and rays

Reforms will oblige Cuba to work more closely with its US neighbours – in spite of US President Trump’s frosty attitude

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Satellite-based estimates of reduced deforestation in protected areas needed

In the context of progressing towards new targets for a post-2020 Global Biodiversity Framework, the debate remains on whether the emphasis should be on protected area coverage or protected area effectiveness.

News Headlines

Tanzania's biosphere reserves key to environmental conservation: official

DAR ES SALAAM, Aug. 28 (Xinhua) -- Tanzanian authorities said on Wednesday the country's five biosphere reserves were key toward environmental conservation.

News Headlines
News Headlines

Less than 3 percent of the ocean is 'highly protected'

Countries earn a lot of media buzz for announcing bold plans to section off thousands of square miles of ocean for protection. That’s because scientists say these Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) are effective tools to protect the marine plants and animals facing threats from ocean acidification, h ...

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Trudeau promises 25 per cent protection of land, oceans by 2025

The Liberals’ week of climate announcements continued on Thursday, as leader Justin Trudeau committed to a new environmental target — protecting 25 per cent of Canada’s land and oceans by 2025.

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Marine protected areas key to sustainable fishing in PH

The effective management of marine protected areas (MPA) in coastal communities across the Philippines would help achieve sustainable fishing that could ensure the livelihood of small fisherfolk, as well as food security, an expert said.

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Provide incentives for conservation outside protected areas

The policy of the Environment and Forestry Ministry to encourage regional governments to ensure non-state forest areas (APL) to have good forest cover and high biodiversity values as essential ecosystem areas (KEE) has received warm response from conservation NGOs.

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Last wolves in Africa: the fragile wildlife of Ethiopia's ravaged parks

Wildfires and an encroaching population are threatening grasslands that host some of the world’s rarest species

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Thaidene Nëné heralds a new era of parks

In Canada’s newest national park — Thaidene Nëné National Park Reserve — the Łutsel K’e Dene will hunt and fish, work as guardians of the territory and show off their land to tourists.

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UNDP supports Seychelles to put together 'Blue' financial plan

Ultimately, up to 400,000 km2, around 40 percent of its marine environment, will be protected and marine resources will be managed in a sustainable way for the benefit of the people of Seychelles.

News Headlines

One of a kind study provides roadmap for protecting oceans in keeping with UN goal

The United Nations had set a goal that 10 percent of the oceans were to be made Marine Protected Areas (MPA) by 2020. MPAs are protected areas of seas, oceans and lakes that can be used as wildlife refuges or research facilities. These areas restrict human activity and promote conservation.

News Headlines

ASEAN boosts conservation effort at unprotected sites

The Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) is boosting efforts to protect the environment at sacred sites, military bases and other specially managed areas. Measures will be taken to govern and manage the areas to achieve positive and sustained long-term results for the conservation of b ...

News Headlines

Anticosti Island to get special protection, barring all unsustainable economic activity

Quebec Environment Minister Benoit Charette wants to give Anticosti Island a new land protection status that could help the island in its bid to be recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage site.

News Headlines

Rapid expansion of protected areas around the world failing to reduce human pressures on land

As the world races to meet the goal of protecting 17 percent of Earth’s land surface, a new study looks at how effective protected areas are at reducing human pressures — and finds that there is considerable room for improvement.

News Headlines

Iranian northwestern national parks share incredible biodiversity

TEHRAN – The precious national parks of northwestern Iran are the most diverse of any in the country, differing from rainforest to wide shrub lands which share a great biological diversity, this time we will take a quick look at three incredible national parks located in East Azarbaijan province.

News Headlines

Saving the sea: Gray's Reef serves as a model of conservation

Thanks to U.S. government protection for the past four decades, an area off Georgia's coast is now a spectacular home to hundreds of marine species.

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Lift-off for first African vulture safe zones

Howick, SOUTH AFRICA – The first of at least five new “vulture safe zones” in Southern Africa are about to take off as private landowners and other partners join the battle to save Africa’s imperilled carrion clean-up birds.

News Headlines

What if we gave half the planet entirely back to nature?

To conserve life on Earth (as we know it) in the face of climate change, we need a drastic solution, and a growing movement has a bold plan: set aside half of the planet’s surface for just nature. There’s one problem: There are a lot of people already on much of that land.

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Kenyan Wildlife Policies Must Extend Beyond Protected Areas

At least 15% of the world's surface is governed by laws to protect its living species, including plants, animals and fungi. But this is not enough. The most recent estimates suggest that an additional 30% of the planet's surface needs further conservation attention. Without this additional prote ...

News Headlines

Plan devised for key pond habitat

The National Conservation Council has approved a much needed conservation plan for Meagre Bay Pond, one of Cayman’s oldest protected areas. The conservation law provides for management plans to protect important habitat and allow public access. Meagre Bay is in need of help to restore the water ...

News Headlines

Marine Protected Areas: May or May Not Include Actual Protection

Sarah Dudas is in a race against time. Before the high tide returns, she and her fellow researchers are determined to survey the marine life clinging to the intertidal zone of Goose Island—a small island off the remote central coast of British Columbia.

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The advantage of changing sex in fish population recovery

Humans eat a lot of fish, in some areas of the world making up an essential part of our diet. Fishing can sometimes deplete fish populations to the point where the fish have difficulty reproducing and growing their numbers again. Establishing Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) that limit or eliminate ...

News Headlines

Several forests around Bucharest get protected-area status

The Snagov, Andronache and Băneasa forests, close to Bucharest, will have the status of protected areas beginning this March, environment minister Costel Alexe announced.

News Headlines

UN: A third of the planet should be protected as wildlife habitats

The planet is experiencing a mass extinction of species and we are the cause of it. But we can do something about it while there’s still time. We can stop cutting down forests. We can stop further fragmenting already fragmented wildlife habitats. And we can stop poaching endangered species.

News Headlines

Owls Head development would mean 'complete destruction' of its ecology, says biologist

Several scientists at Saint Mary's University in Halifax are adding their names to the growing list of people who want the Nova Scotia government to abandon plans to pursue a sale of Owls Head provincial park.

News Headlines

Why 'biosecurity' is important for wildlife conservation

FAUSTO Novelozo, chief of the Taw’buid tribe, exhales from his worn clay pipe. The sweet scent of wild tobacco envelopes the hut. “It was sickness that drove us down from the mountains. Measles we got from Tagalog visitors. Half our village of 200 died. The survivors moved here to be closer to c ...

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RSPL: Largest Choco Hills is smallest protected area in Bohol

With little less than 400,000 hectares of agricultural, upland forests, open grasslands, beaches, fishponds and mangrove forests, keeping Bohol’s biodiversity is assured with the government’s efforts to declare the 16 protected areas in Bohol.

News Headlines

Human-wildlife conflict threatens protected reserves in East Africa

Each year, more than a million wildebeest migrate across the grassy plains of the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania into Kenya's Masai Mara National Reserve. But on the borders of these protected areas, human populations are increasing and wild ecosystems are struggling to survive in the face ...

News Headlines

Dorsal de Nasca: Peru pledges to create a huge new marine reserve

In October, Peru’s environment minister pledged to make a proposed 50,000-square-kilometer (19,300-square-mile) marine protected area a reality by 2021.

News Headlines

Abu Dhabi to cultivate 14 million mangrove seedlings over the next 25 years: Hamdan bin Zayed

Over the next 25 years, the planted trees will help reduce carbon emissions by 200,000 tonnes, equivalent to the yearly energy consumption of over 20,000 homes, helping to reduce the effects of climate change.

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