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Web Announcement

The Importance of Science in the Arab World for Achieving the 2010 Biodiversity Target.

<br>(View also <a href='/doc/speech/2006/sp-2006-12-12-science-ar.pdf'>in Arabic</a>.)

Web Announcement

Statement of the Executive Secretary at the Presidential Palace of the Republic of Tunisia, 9 December 2006, Tunis. (in French).

<br>(View also <a href='/doc/speech/2006/sp-2006-12-09-tunisia-ar.pdf'>in Arabic</a>.)

Web Announcement
Web Announcement

Biofuel e-forum: the Secretariat is seeking your opinion. To participate click here (login and password: biofuel07).

<br>Please, see the notification (<a href='/doc/notifications/2007/ntf-2007-015-eforum-en.pdf'>English</a>, <a href='/doc/notifications/2007/ntf-2007-015-eforum-fr.pdf'>French</a> and <a href='/doc/notifications/2007/ntf-2007-015-eforum-es.pdf'>Spanish</a>) for more details.

Web Announcement

Strategic Partnership between Portugal and Africa for Promoting Biodiversity for Development Launched in Nairobi.

<br>View also the press release <a href='/doc/press/2007/pr-2007-02-07-nepad-fr.pdf'>in French</a> and <a href='/doc/press/2007/pr-2007-02-07-nepad-pt.pdf'>in Portuguese</a>.

Web Announcement

The City of Montreal signs a memorandum of understanding with the Secretariat of the Convention on Biological Diversity.

<br>View also the press release <a href='/doc/press/2007/pr-2007-02-22-mou-fr.pdf'>in French</a>.

Web Announcement

Speech by Dr. Ahmed Djoghlaf at the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding with the City of Montréal, 22 February 2007.

<br>View also the statement <a href='/doc/speech/2007/sp-2007-02-22-mou-fr.pdf'>in French</a>.

Web Announcement

Enhanced Cooperation between the Convention on Biodiversity in Europe and the United Nations Convention for Life on Earth.

<br>View also the press release <a href='/doc/press/2007/pr-2007-03-14-bern-fr.pdf'>in French</a>.

Web Announcement

Establishment of a Vibrant Partnership between Countdown 2010 and the Convention for Life on Earth.

<br>View also the press release <a href='/doc/press/2007/pr-2007-03-16-countdown2010-fr.pdf'>in French</a>.

Web Announcement
Web Announcement

Engaging the Cities of the World in the Battle for Life on Earth.

<br>View also the press release <a href='/doc/press/2007/pr-2007-03-28-mayors-fr.pdf'>in French</a> and <a href='/doc/press/2007/pr-2007-03-28-mayors-es.pdf'>in Spanish</a>.

Web Announcement

Elevating Climate Change and Biodiversity to the Top of the Political Agenda.

<br>View also the press release <a href='/doc/press/2007/pr-2007-04-13-potsdam-fr.pdf'>in French</a> and <a href='/doc/press/2007/pr-2007-04-13-potsdam-es.pdf'>in Spanish</a>.

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