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Chimpanzee 'mini-brains' hint at secrets of human evolution

At some point during human evolution, a handful of genetic changes triggered a dramatic threefold expansion of the brain's neocortex, the wrinkly outermost layer of brain tissue responsible for everything from language to self-awareness to abstract thought.

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How to talk about climate change on social media

Extreme weather events, from hurricanes to snowstorms, often serve as focal points for discussions about global climate change. And many of those discussions take place on social media. But do social media serve as good platforms for climate change discussion? And do extreme weather events serve ...

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India urges caution on 'actions' to tackle climate change from security perspective

India urged caution as the United Nations Security Council deliberated on the impacts of climate related disasters on international peace and security. Participating in the open debate in the UN Security Council on Friday, India pointed out the pitfalls arising from viewing actions to tackle cli ...

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Is Climate Change Drying Up German Rivers — and Growth?

Greg Fuzesi, an economist at JPMorgan, has estimated that the low level of the Rhine and other important German rivers shaved off 0.7 percentage points of economic growth in 2018. The phenomenon, caused by a year of extraordinarily warm and dry weather, was almost certainly related to human-driv ...

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Argentina and Spain scientific research on climate change impact on hake in Tierra del Fuego

Scientific study suggests snoek (Thyrsites atun) can re-colonize the marine area of the Beagle Channel and South-Western Atlantic waters, an area in the southernmost point of the South American continent where this species competed with the hake (Merluccius sp.) to hunt preys in warmer periods.

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Climate change is hitting food production, say Rwanda’s farm co-ops

Farm co-ops in Rwanda have warned that prolonged drought due to climate change have hit their production levels.In a new document from the country’s National Cooperatives Federation, Climate change impact on agriculture, the sector points to other climate-related problems, with damage to infrast ...

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Why eating less meat is the best thing you can do for the planet in 2019

Recycling or taking the bus rather than driving to work has its place, but scientists are increasingly pointing to a deeper lifestyle change that would be the single biggest way to help the planet: eating far less meat.

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Hidden cradle of early plant evolution discovered in the Middle East

Several new plant fossils from present-day Jordan push back the ages of important seed plant lineages, suggesting these lineages survived the mass extinction event at the end of the Permian. Discovery of these fossils - remarkably preserved in a region where fossils are hard to come by - also po ...

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Looking for a 2019 resolution to help the planet? Eat less meat, research says

Recycling or taking the bus rather than driving to work has its place, but scientists are increasingly pointing to a deeper lifestyle change that would be the single biggest way to help the planet: eating far less meat.

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Explorer Reaches the Deepest Point in the Atlantic Ocean

Explorer and multimillionaire Victor Vescovo just reached the deepest point in the Atlantic Ocean — the bottom of the Puerto Rico Trench.

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Scientists discover Earth's deepest point is polluted by plastic

While the deep ocean is filled with nightmarish creatures that terrorize even my waking thoughts, there's a much more terrifying crisis for the Earth: the plastic apocalypse.

Focal Point


M. Longin Ndayikeza

Cartagena Protocol emergency contact point
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Tackling climate change without US assistance

The Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES) pointed out that climate change will be leading cause of loss of species.

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Microplastics found to permeate the ocean’s deepest points

Like the food particles that clump together in the middle of a kitchen sink, plastic debris is gathering in the deepest reaches of the ocean.

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China urged to lead way in efforts to save life on Earth

Delegates at UN biodiversity conference turn to Beijing to avoid point of no return

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Reframing perspectives on climate change

Where should investors be putting their money to make a real impact when it comes to climate change? And how should businesses react? Shifting the perspective from risk to opportunity can create an unexpected leverage point that could present the answer.

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Forest report points to opportunity for recovery

When it released its “State of the World’s Forests 2018” report in July, the U.N.’s Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) seemed to have taken to heart that old corporate PR rule of thumb that in times of crisis you should say “opportunity” rather than “problem.”

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'Tipping point': the point of no return for global warming

Climatologists are warning of a series of ‘tipping points’ that could have catastrophic consequences for life on Earth. Their description is more apt than we may realise

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What the latest assessment on global warming means for southern Africa

The release this week of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change's (IPCC) special report on global warming of 1.5℃ above pre-industrial levels marks a critical point in climate negotiations. Billed in the media as "life changing," the report illustrates how crossing the ever-nearer thresho ...

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Can Buddhism Help Fight Climate Change?

At an idyllic retreat in California, the architect of the Paris Agreement argues that it can.Amid the golden hills near Point Reyes, California, in the sunlit main hall of the Spirit Rock Meditation Center, Christiana Figueres, the architect of the Paris climate agreement, is explaining how Budd ...

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Tackling climate change to be key talking point at UN summi

With global temperatures rising, superstorms taking their deadly toll and a year-end deadline to firm up the Paris climate deal, leaders at this year's U.N. General Assembly are feeling a sense of urgency to keep up the momentum on combating climate change.

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Integrating gender in the mitigation of climate change

The Focal Point of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change for Liberia at the EPA says the issue of climate change continues to be one of the major threats to development.

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Deadline for climate action

If governments don't act decisively by 2035 to fight climate change, humanity could cross a point of no return after which limiting global warming below 2°C in 2100 will be unlikely, according to a new study by scientists in the UK and the Netherlands.

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Adapt, move or die: How biodiversity reacted to past climate change

A new paper reviews current knowledge on climate change and biodiversity. In the past, plants and animals reacted to environmental changes by adapting, migrating or going extinct. These findings point to radical changes in biodiversity due to climate change in the future.

Focal Point


Mr. Yoshiaki Kitahashi

Cartagena Protocol emergency contact point, BCH NFP
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Consensus grows on nature-based solutions to climate change, but challenges remain

Experts point to growing awareness of the potential of nature-based solutions to climate change – but say work must be done to improve understanding and policy take-up.

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VIDEO. Biodiversité: 95% des lémuriens sont «sur le point de s'éteindre»

Les lémuriens pourraient-ils disparaître de la surface de la Terre ? Avec 95 % de leur population « sur le point de s’éteindre », les lémuriens sont les primates les plus menacés sur Terre, un triste titre qu'ils possédaient déjà en 2012.

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Speaking of climate change: A CSO's guide

As sustainability professionals, we learn quickly how to adjust our messages to the broad variety of audiences we engage. Fortunately, we have gotten to the point where the best strategy to discuss climate change is usually to treat it as the fact it is, discussing it with the confidence with wh ...

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Is Mars' soil too dry to sustain life?

Life as we know it needs water to thrive. Even so, we see life persist in the driest environments on Earth. But how dry is too dry? At what point is an environment too extreme for even microorganisms, the smallest and often most resilient of lifeforms, to survive? These questions are important t ...

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We Need to Capture Carbon to Fight Climate Change

The conclusion of the Paris Agreement in 2015, in which almost every nation committed to reduce their carbon emissions, was supposed to be a turning point in the fight against climate change.

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Coffee and conservation: Mozambique tries both on a mountain

MOUNT GORONGOSA, Mozambique — At Mozambique’s Mount Gorongosa — where farmers are being encouraged to grow coffee in the shade of hardwood trees, both to improve their own lot and to restore the forest — there is a point beyond which visitors are told not to go.

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Strengthening Cuban Coastal Landscape in the Face of Climate Change

MAISÍ, Cuba, Jul 9 2018 (IPS) - Strong winds agitate the sea that crashes over Punta de Maisí, the most extreme point in eastern Cuba, where no building stands on the coast made up of rocky areas intermingled with vegetation and with sandy areas where people can swim and sunbathe.

Focal Point


Ms. Teele Jairus

ABS NFP, Cartagena Protocol Primary NFP, Cartagena Protocol emergency contact point, BCH NFP
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Barents Sea seems to have crossed a climate tipping point

Many of the threats we know are associated with climate change are slow moving. Gradually rising seas, a steady uptick in extreme weather events, and more all mean that change will come gradually to much of the globe. But we also recognize that there can be tipping points, where certain aspects ...

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Mass death of herring on Sakhalin island: what is the cause?

Shocking pictures show thousands of herring washed up around Piltun Bay in northeastern Sakhalin. Both state research bodies and ecological campaign groups are seeking to understand the reasons behind the mass death of the fish. Meanwhile, there are fears that herring could vanish from these ...

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Somalia connects disaster risk reduction, climate change adaptation and sustainable development to reach 2030 Agenda and Paris Goals

In 2017 Somalia elected its first president since the ousting of strongman Siad Barre in 1991, an event which plunged the country into an extended period of civil conflict from which it is only now beginning to emerge. The landmark election marked a turning point for the people of Somalia as the ...

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Analyzing climate change/hurricane links

A review of top research scientists' views on climate/hurricane links points to areas of increasing scientific consensus, but with key voids still begging high-confidence understanding and answers.

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Whale’s Death in Thailand Points to Global Scourge: Plastic in Oceans

Hundreds of turtles, dolphins and whales become stranded every year on Thailand’s beaches after plastic impedes their mobility or clogs their insides. Some are lifeless on arrival, biologists say, and their deaths barely register with the public.

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Five Ways Hemp Cultivation Can Help In The War Against Climate Change In Baltimore

The forecast regarding Baltimore and the rest of the planet today and where it will be in the near future is gloomy. Biologists, as well as climate and environment scientists, have raised concerns over the loss of biodiversity, the poor state of the nutrient cycles and the unchecked climate chan ...

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Future of wine: how China, climate change and technology will transform the industry

Wine expert Robert Joseph points to a future where blends suited to mass consumer tastes replace vintages, glass closures replace cork and screw cap, robots pick grapes, and wine shops offer experiences like modern bookstores

News Headlines

From leaves to clouds—revealing how trees' emissions shape the air around us

As he gazed down on the Amazon from above, shining leaves formed waves of foliage. The wind rippled through them, creating eddies and pools of green. From this point of view, some people may have just seen trees. But from his lofty perch, Kolby Jardine, a researcher at the Department of Energy's ...

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'Sea, ice, snow, it’s all changing': Inuit culture struggles with warming world

Martin Shiwak is navigating his snowmobile along the frozen shoreline when his eight-year-old son Dane, who is riding on the back, points at a wall of stunted spruce trees.

Focal Point


Ms. Mijntje Aarts

Cartagena Protocol Primary NFP, Cartagena Protocol emergency contact point
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Art exhibition on Maltese biodiversity

My Path With Nature, the 11th solo exhibition by Andrew Micallef featuring his latest collection of 38 paintings mainly in acrylic, catches a glimpse of Maltese biodiversity and the natural environment from an artistic point of view.

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Ujjain: Experts shed light on significance of bio-diversity during day-long workshop

A one-day workshop on conservation and promotion of local forest species was jointly organised by the MP Biodiversity Board at the Simhastha Fair office to mark the occasion of International Biodiversity Day, on Tuesday. During the programme, chief forest conservator (research and extension), Kh ...

Focal Point


Dr. Dietmar Vybiral

Cartagena Protocol emergency contact point
Focal Point


Mr. Ariel J. Bayot

Cartagena Protocol emergency contact point
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Paris to decide fate of 'mega' gold mine in forests of French Guiana

Controversial plans for an open-pit gold mine have split the French overseas territory in South America. Opponents warn of pollution and biodiversity loss, while local officials point to its potential economic benefits. But ultimately the decision will be made thousands of miles across the Atlantic

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Destroying the world's natural heritage: 'Komodo is reaching a tipping point

The Indonesian national park boasts some of the world’s best dive sites and spectacular marine life, but illegal fishing and unsustainable tourism is threatening its Unesco status

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The heart of a biodiversity haven

On Sibuyan Island in Romblon province sits Mount Guiting-Guiting, one of the focal points of Sibuyan’s declaration as a biodiversity haven. It is often referred to as the Galapagos Island because of its rich biodiversity.

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