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News Headlines

China unveils three major climate change documents in three days, doubling down on clean energy buildout plans

China this week released three top-level documents on fighting climate change, doubling down on its plan to produce more renewable power and expand green financing to meet the country’s carbon neutrality goals by 2060.

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China's action on air pollution can help restore trust in a greener future

China took environmental action by improving air quality in Beijing ahead of the 2008 Summer Olympics. President Xi Jinping's pledge that China will be carbon neutral by 2060 requires global cooperation.

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China, US unveil separate major steps to fight climate change

Two of the biggest economies and largest carbon polluters in the world announced separate financial attacks on climate change Tuesday.

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Climate Crisis – A Solution in the Hands of Global Leaders and Politicians

There is an urgent need for the heads of global and regional groupings, states and governments to formulate, implement and adequately resource pro-poor climate change policies and actions to protect the communities worst-affected by climate change in the world.

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Climate Governance in Brazil

The CAT Climate Governance series seeks to produce a practical framework for assessing a government’s readiness - both from an institutional and governance point of view - to ratchet up climate policy and implement adequate transformational policies on the ground, to enable the required economy- ...

News Headlines

Climate campaigners take South Africa to court over coal policy

South Africa’s plan to build new coal-fired power stations during the climate crisis is being challenged in court for breaching the rights of current and future generations.

News Headlines

Climate change and biodiversity most pressing issues – German environment ministry report

In its 2019 environmental report, the German environment ministry identifies climate change and biodiversity conservation as two of the "most pressing challenges of our time." The report also focuses on sustainable mobility, stressing that transport accounts for almost a third of Germany's final ...

News Headlines

Climate change bills in Northern Ireland edge closer to completion

Northern Ireland’s first legally binding climate act faces a race against time to get passed before the devolved institutions at Stormont are dissolved in the coming weeks.

News Headlines

Climate change won’t wait for future innovation — we need action now

Reading national climate plans feels like perusing corporate advertising brochures. There is an ever-increasing focus on the promise of innovation: hydrogen fuel, new nuclear technologies and carbon capture and storage, the plans claim, will close the gap between what the world needs and what re ...

News Headlines

Climate change: Australia pledges net zero emissions by 2050

Leading global coal and gas supplier Australia has pledged to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2050. Prime Minister Scott Morrison however said the plan would not include ending Australia's fossil fuel sectors.

News Headlines

Climate change: Biden's next big political gamble?

After a string of setbacks on getting his priorities through the deeply divided US Congress, President Joe Biden may set his sights on climate change in a bid to save the planet -- and his imperiled legacy.

News Headlines

Climate change: New Zealand passes 'zero carbon' law

New Zealand has passed a law that aims to make the country almost carbon neutral by 2050. Farmers, who bring in a large portion of foreign income, will be given some flexibility.

News Headlines

Climate change: New rules could spell end of 'throwaway culture'

New rules could spell the death of a "throwaway" culture in which products are bought, used briefly, then binned. The regulations will apply to a range of everyday items such as mobile phones, textiles, electronics, batteries, construction and packaging.

News Headlines

Climate change: UK government told to insulate more homes

The UK government must drive down energy bills and reduce climate-warming emissions by insulating more homes, a report says. Official advisors the Climate Change Committee says the government's current insulation programme is "shocking".

News Headlines

Climate change: US surprises summit with bold emissions target

The US has pledged to cut carbon emissions by 50-52% below 2005 levels by the end of this decade. This new target, which will be unveiled at a virtual summit of 40 global leaders, essentially doubles their previous promise. The Americans hope that their ambitious new plan will encourage China, I ...

News Headlines

Climate protection, preservation of biodiversity and social justice – these tasks can only be solved in triad

Based on a media release from the Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research (AWI) and the Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research (UFZ).

News Headlines

Climate-vulnerable countries call for help forcing high emitters to act

Some of the countries most vulnerable to climate breakdown have called on the UN and the UK and other countries who want to lead the climate fight to help them ensure high emitters upgrade their carbon targets, as called for at the Cop26 summit.

News Headlines

Coalition scrapped recovery plans for 176 threatened species and habitats in one of its final acts

Recovery plans designed to prevent the extinction of almost 180 threatened species and habitats, including the Tasmanian devil, were scrapped by the Coalition in one of Sussan Ley’s final acts as environment minister.

News Headlines

Coalition spends $31m on ads spruiking efforts to cut greenhouse gas emissions

The Morrison government is spending more than $31m on an advertising campaign claiming Australia is “making positive energy” under its leadership and cutting greenhouse gas emissions.

News Headlines

Colourful Yunnan: An epitome of China’s efforts in advancing ecological progress

A good natural environment and natural endowment are the most unique advantage that Yunnan enjoys

News Headlines

Combating climate change is no longer the responsibility of governments exclusively: Egypt's FM

As appointed president of COP27, Minister of Foreign Affairs Sameh Shokry attended Sunday the event organized by the British Egyptian Business Association (BEBA) to discuss the upcoming summit to be hosted in Sharm El Sheikh in November.

News Headlines

Commission under fire for new 'deregulatory' approach to GMOs

The EU's existing legislation on genetically modified organisms (GMOs) is not "fit for purpose" for new genomic techniques and needs to be adapted to contribute to sustainable food systems, a European Commission study has concluded.

News Headlines

Commonwealth adopts charter on climate, biodiversity and land

After almost two years of consultation, commonwealth leaders adopted the Living Lands Charter: A Commonwealth Call to action on Living Lands (CALL) at the 2022 Heads of Government meeting in Kigali, Rwanda.

News Headlines

Concerns over climate finance for poorer nations as White House summit begins

Developing countries are increasingly concerned that their need for financial assistance to cope with the climate crisis will go unmet, as leaders of the world’s biggest economies meet for a virtual White House summit on the climate.

News Headlines

Connecting health, pollution and fairness: That's environmental justice

In the beginning, the idea of environmental justice didn't have a name. It didn't have much support, either. A few years after the first Earth Day, a young sociologist named Robert Bullard gathered data for a 1979 lawsuit, filed by his then-wife, about a landfill planned for a middle-class Black ...

News Headlines

Connecting the spots: First comprehensive review of national jaguar protection laws

Conservationists have conducted the first comprehensive review of national laws across the range of the jaguar (Panthera onca) to show opportunities for strengthening legal protections of the largest cat species found in the Americas.

News Headlines

Conservation of wildlife biodiversity will provide many benefits to the livelihood

Secretary of State for the Ministry of Environment Neth Pheaktra said that the more effective protection and conservation of wildlife biodiversity will provide many benefits to the livelihoods of local people.

News Headlines

Conservationists express concern over the increasing loss in the country’s biodiversity

The latest findings from a study by the Worldwide Fund for nature have cited several factors fuelling biodiversity loss. Among these are the Unsustainable land use management for food and energy, and Government policies failing to promote environmental stewardship.

News Headlines

Conservationists set out ‘nature positive’ vision for global biodiversity deal

Conservationists have called on countries to make the world “nature positive” by 2030 as they hope to shape slow and difficult international negotiations to protect the planet’s plants and wildlife.

News Headlines

Conservationists urge Congo to reverse pay-to-poach decision

Environmentalists in the Democratic Republic of Congo on Thursday urged the government to reverse a move to tax rather than forbid poaching, saying the move endangered millions in conservation funds.

News Headlines

Construction begins on controversial water project inside Lake Malawi National Park

The government of Malawi has initiated construction works for a water project inside Lake Malawi National Park, despite court challenges and sustained protests from conservationists who say the project threatens the park’s UNESCO-recognized biodiversity and archaeological sites.

News Headlines

Cop26 chance to win a ‘victory’ for life on Earth but more action needed: Kerry

Cop26 is the “chance to win a victory for the next century, for life on this planet”, US climate envoy John Kerry has said, while warning all big emitters must take action on climate change.

News Headlines

Coronavirus Vaccines, Combatting Climate Change on G-7 Agenda

Foreign ministers from the Group of Seven wealthy democracies turn their attention to issues of global interest including coronavirus vaccines, climate change and education for girls on Wednesday as they close three days of talks in London.

News Headlines

Coronavirus puts on hold unveiling of new EU food policy

The launch of the new EU food policy, the Farm to Fork strategy (F2F), will be delayed at least by another month in light of a rescheduling of the Commission’s work programme due to the coronavirus outbreak.

News Headlines

Could mandated ‘biodiversity gain plans’ have a chilling effect on housebuilding?

The government’s landmark Environment Bill introduces provisions that would require developers to produce biodiversity gain plans, but critics say this could be burdensome and hamper the planning process. James Agyepong-Parsons reports.

News Headlines

Court convenes historic hearing in Indigenous territory on land consent issue

Early on the morning of Nov. 15, five Constitutional Court judges arrived by canoe to the Indigenous Cofan community of Sinangoe in Ecuador’s northern Amazon rainforest, wearing rubber boots and loose clothing to weather the intense jungle heat.

News Headlines

Court convicts French state for failure to address climate crisis

A Paris court has convicted the French state of failing to address the climate crisis and not keeping its promises to tackle greenhouse gas emissions. In what has been hailed as a historic ruling, the court found the state guilty of “non-respect of its engagements” aimed at combating global warming.

News Headlines

Court halts land clearance on edge of protected park in Zambia

Conservationists in Zambia have hailed a high court injunction preventing deforestation and commercial agriculture on the edge of Kasanka national park, which they say threatens the world’s biggest mammal migration.

News Headlines

Covid-19 economic rescue plans must be green, say environmentalists

The economic rescue packages to deal with the impact of the coronavirus must also be green, a growing chorus of environmental campaigners have urged, concerned that hasty measures will lock the world into a high-carbon future.

News Headlines

Covid-19 will dominate, but NZ must also face 'triple planetary crisis'

2022 will be important for environmental and climate action. Several key developments are expected throughout the year, both in New Zealand and internationally, focusing on climate change and biodiversity - and how these crises overlap with the impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic.

News Headlines

Crabs and lobsters may get similar rights to mammals in UK experiments

Scientific experiments on crabs and lobsters could be curbed when the animal sentience bill becomes law, the Guardian has learned.

News Headlines

DFO allowing frozen-at-sea spot prawns — for now

The federal government is walking back a surprise decision that would forbid the sale of spot prawns frozen at sea, but fishers are still pushing for a full retraction of the policy.

News Headlines

David Attenborough warns G7 leaders face biggest climate change decisions in history

G7 leaders face some of the most important decisions in human history as they tackle the climate change crisis, Sir David Attenborough said as the summit in Cornwall draws to a close.

News Headlines

Deep-sea mining could begin next year. Here’s why ocean experts are calling for a moratorium.

A troupe of environmental activists descended on Rotterdam, Netherlands, last month for an evocative demonstration. Dressed as jellyfish, sea anemones, and “fisher folk,” protestors from the advocacy group Ocean Rebellion sang songs and projected messages onto the hull of a 750-foot-long drillin ...

News Headlines

Deforestation in Brazil will be hard to stop, no matter who's in charge

Deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon made global headlines in 2019, thanks to massive wildfires and the election of anti-environmentalist president Jair Bolsonaro. Brazilians took to the streets against it, and retailers and consumers threatened to boycott Brazilian products. But while the pand ...

News Headlines

Defra to review release of game birds after legal threat

The annual release of more than 50 million non-native game birds into the countryside with no environmental assessment is to be reviewed by the government after campaigners announced a legal challenge.

News Headlines

Delhi govt gives further push to conservation of biodiversity in capital

NEW DELHI: Delhi government has notified the Delhi Biodiversity Council for conservation of biodiversity in the capital, susutainable use of its components and regulating access to biological resources for commercial utilisation.

News Headlines

Deloitte Report: Inaction on Climate Change Could Cost the US Economy $14.5 Trillion by 2070

A new report released today from the Deloitte Economics Institute shows that the United States economy could gain $3 trillion if it rapidly decarbonizes over the next 50 years. This once-in-a-generation transformation could add nearly 1 million more jobs to the US economy by 2070, according to t ...

News Headlines

Deposit return schemes and biodiversity net-gain: Raft of new policies unveiled in Environment Bill

The UK Government has launched its new governance system on issues covering clean air, waste management and plastics pollution, natural capital approaches and water stewardship, after the long-awaited Environment Bill was launched.

News Headlines

Destruction of nature as threatening as climate crisis, EU deputy warns

The human-made crisis engulfing the natural world is “just as threatening, perhaps even more so” than the climate crisis, one of the EU’s most senior officials has warned.

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