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News Headlines

In Madagascar, cultural taboos can protect or harm the environment

Marcel Rakotonary, 75, gives a sharp warning to visitors before they enter Antsahadinta, or the “valley of the leeches.” Located 20 kilometers (12 miles) southwest of the capital city of Antananarivo, the sacred hill of Antsahadinta is the site of royal tombs and ancient dwellings. Its forest ha ...

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In the Push for Marine Conservation, Partially Protected Areas Are a “Red Herring”

Inspired by the United Nations Aichi Biodiversity Targets, nations are rallying behind an ambitious pledge to conserve 30 percent of their lands and waters by 2030.

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Indigenous lands have less deforestation than state-managed protected areas in most of tropics

Areas managed by Indigenous peoples cover more than 25% of the world’s land and overlap with 40% of protected areas globally. Studies in Nicaragua and Brazil have found that Indigenous communities with ownership of their land have lower rates of deforestation than neighbouring areas. Often, defo ...

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Indonesia, US declare new protected marine areas in North Maluku

Supported by United States of America for International Development (USAID), North Maluku province declared its three new Marine Protected Areas (KKP3K) covering about 226,000 hectares of its seas at its 70th-anniversary event on Tuesday.

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Industrial fishing in marine protected areas poses significant threats to endangered sharks and other species

What began as a Dalhousie Ph.D. student's investigation into North Atlantic shark populations turned into an eye-opening discovery that shows a number of European Union-designated marine protected areas (MPAs) are falling short of protecting threatened biodiversity.

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Introduce the cheetah, with caution and guidelines / Opinion

The plan to bring the cheetah to India should have a minimum requirement of setting up a grassland policy

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Iranian northwestern national parks share incredible biodiversity

TEHRAN – The precious national parks of northwestern Iran are the most diverse of any in the country, differing from rainforest to wide shrub lands which share a great biological diversity, this time we will take a quick look at three incredible national parks located in East Azarbaijan province.

News Headlines

Is wildfire management 'for the birds?'

Spotted owl populations are in decline all along the West Coast, and as climate change increases the risk of large and destructive wildfires in the region, these iconic animals face the real threat of losing even more of their forest habitat.

News Headlines

Ivory Coast creates first marine protected area

Ivory Coast has announced the creation of its first Marine Protected Area (MPA).The MPA will cover 2,600 km2 (1,000 square miles) of pristine ocean off the coast of Grand-Béréby, protecting marine biodiversity including threatened shark and turtle species.

News Headlines

Jamaicans Encouraged To Protect Rich Biodiversity

The Ministry of Industry, Commerce, Agriculture and Fisheries, is calling on more Jamaicans to preserve the rich biodiversity that exists, given the impact Climate Change is having on natural resources.

News Headlines

Japan Diet OKs Deep-Sea Conservation Bill

Tokyo, April 24 (Jiji Press)--The Diet, Japan's parliament, enacted on Wednesday a bill to revise the nature conservation law in order to improve protection of marine ecosystems by restricting deep-sea development.

News Headlines

Kaveh-Deh in northeastern Tehran defined protected area

TEHRAN – Kaveh-Deh, a hunting prohibited region in northeastern Tehran, has been defined as a protected area, being included in the Department of Environment (DOE) list, Fars news agency reported on Sunday.

News Headlines

Kaziranga National Park, India

Kaziranga National Park is located in the northeast state of Assam, in India, and includes the Golaghat, Karbi Anglong, and Nagaon districts which border the Himalayas. The area was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and measures roughly 430 square kilometers, or 170 square miles.

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Kenya Part of New Global Deal to Save Animals, Plants

Kenya has joined more than 50 other countries across six continents in a programme for environmental conservation. The plan is to protect at least 30 per cent of the planet to prevent massive extinction of animals and plants.

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Kenyan Wildlife Policies Must Extend Beyond Protected Areas

At least 15% of the world's surface is governed by laws to protect its living species, including plants, animals and fungi. But this is not enough. The most recent estimates suggest that an additional 30% of the planet's surface needs further conservation attention. Without this additional prote ...

News Headlines

Laos creates 2 national parks 'to protect forests and natural beauty' |

The Laos government has created two national parks in northern and central Laos to protect forests, biodiversity, natural beauty and the country’s geological development. Prime Minister Thongloun Sisoulith signed two prime ministerial decrees last month, giving birth to the Nam Et–Phou Louey Par ...

News Headlines

Last wolves in Africa: the fragile wildlife of Ethiopia's ravaged parks

Wildfires and an encroaching population are threatening grasslands that host some of the world’s rarest species

News Headlines

Leopards, wolves and hyenas share big area with humans: Stud ..

In India, large carnivore conservation and active management s mostly centred on tiger reserves, national parks and wildlife sanctuaries, but a recent study reveals increasing evidence of leopards, wolves and hyenas showing great potential to share lands with people outside protected areas (/PAs).

News Headlines

Less than 3 percent of the ocean is 'highly protected'

Countries earn a lot of media buzz for announcing bold plans to section off thousands of square miles of ocean for protection. That’s because scientists say these Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) are effective tools to protect the marine plants and animals facing threats from ocean acidification, h ...

News Headlines

Liberia: The Potentials of Wonegizi As a Protected Area

The Potentials of Wonegizi as a Protected Area (PA) in the development of the communities, districts and Lofa County is in the process of gazettement.

News Headlines

Lift-off for first African vulture safe zones

Howick, SOUTH AFRICA – The first of at least five new “vulture safe zones” in Southern Africa are about to take off as private landowners and other partners join the battle to save Africa’s imperilled carrion clean-up birds.

News Headlines

Little by little

Protection is all the more effective when it is carried out by local people and by working all together. Our Coral Guardian pilot project around Hatamin Island in Indonesia is a success, with eight local people working full time for the project.

News Headlines

Lobster fishery likely to continue inside federal Eastern Shore Islands protected area

Canada's Department of Fisheries and Oceans appears ready to allow lobster fishing inside the proposed Eastern Shore Islands marine protected area.

News Headlines

Local communities are the best protectors of Marine Protected Areas

In 2016 the waters between the island of Sa Dragonera and Mallorca were declared a marine protected area (MPA) and named “the marine reserve of Freu de Sa Dragonera.” This year, in the beginning of November, the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food declared a new marine reserve of fishing ...

News Headlines

Looking beyond protected areas to conserve species in tea-garden terrains

Governments are gearing up to determine biodiversity targets for the next decade in 2020, a year dubbed as the make or break year for biodiversity. Meanwhile, disquiet prevails in a scenic, tea garden-dominated landscape in the Himalayan foothills in north-east India.

News Headlines

Maharashtra's Sindhudurg Where A Rare Fish Species Was Found Named Biodiversity Heritage Site

Following the discovery of a rare freshwater fish species there, the Maharashtra government has declared an area at Amboli in Western ghats in Sindhudurg district as a biodiversity heritage site. The notification to convert the locality into a protected area was issued on Wednesday under the Bio ...

News Headlines

Mammal 'selfies' show protected areas thriving with species diversity

Ever wonder if protected areas are effective at conserving wildlife? Well, new research and photos from the University of British Columbia (UBC) have shed some insight on their usefulness.

News Headlines

Marine Life in the Galápagos Gets a New Protected ‘Ocean Highway’

Endangered turtles, sharks, and manta rays now have more room to roam in the pristine waters of the Galápagos Islands. In January 2022, Ecuador’s President Guillermo Lasso decreed a new marine reserve called Hermandad—“Brotherhood”—in the volcanic island chain famous for its impressive, unusual ...

News Headlines

Marine Protected Areas To Expand

MORE than 10 years ago, the government committed to protecting and effectively managing 20 percent of our marine environment by 2020 to ensure a healthy marine environment and sustain livelihoods in fisheries and tourism.

News Headlines

Marine Protected Areas in Oahu Provide Low Safety to Coral Reef Herbivorous Fishes

Marine protected areas (MPAs) surrounding Oʻahu do not sufficiently safeguard populations of herbivorous reef fishes that tend to eat algae present on coral reefs.

News Headlines

Marine Protected Areas overlook a large fraction of biodiversity hotspots

Current marine protected areas (MPAs) leave almost three-quarters of ecologically and functionally important species unprotected, concludes a new performance assessment of the Finnish MPA network. Published in Frontiers in Marine Science, the study finds the MPAs were designated with little know ...

News Headlines

Marine Protected Areas: May or May Not Include Actual Protection

Sarah Dudas is in a race against time. Before the high tide returns, she and her fellow researchers are determined to survey the marine life clinging to the intertidal zone of Goose Island—a small island off the remote central coast of British Columbia.

News Headlines

Marine protected areas celebrated for safeguarding SA’s biodiversity

Cape Town - Following the success of the first Marine Protected Areas (MPA) Day, celebrated last year on August 1, numerous environmental and conservation groups were stressing the importance of MPAs in South Africa and their role in protecting ocean ecosystems while also raising awareness for t ...

News Headlines

Marine protected areas increasing fish stocks

Surrounded by severely damaged coral reefs, the fishers of Indonesia’s Seraya Besar, off the west coast of Flores, struggle to make ends meet. Year-on-year fish stocks have shrivelled as the damaged reef can only support limited life. If these fishers want more, they would have to fish further o ...

News Headlines

Marine protected areas key to sustainable fishing in PH

The effective management of marine protected areas (MPA) in coastal communities across the Philippines would help achieve sustainable fishing that could ensure the livelihood of small fisherfolk, as well as food security, an expert said.

News Headlines

Marine protected reserves do more than restore fish

In a new analysis of the effectiveness of marine protected areas worldwide, University of Massachusetts Amherst marine ecologist Brian Cheng and colleagues report that reserves not only replenish target fish populations, they also restore ecological functioning. However, not all reserves perform ...

News Headlines

Mobilizing communities trumps penalties in protecting seascapes: study

Conservationists have long recognised the significance of engaging locals in safeguarding the ecosystems they live off, but assessing those relationships can be hard because of time and resource constraints.

News Headlines

More areas of B.C. coastal waters designated killer whale critical habitat

The classification means the two new areas are now legally protected against habitat-destroying activities.Two more areas of B.C. waters have officially been deemed "critical habitat" for southern and northern resident killer whales.

News Headlines

More protected areas won't save biodiversity, warn experts

Expanding nature preserves will not be enough to stem a rising tide of extinctions, a panel of experts warned Wednesday, taking aim at a draft treaty tasked with rescuing Earth's animal and plant life.

News Headlines

Most protected areas lack proper policing

On paper, nations are protecting their wilderness areas. In practice, most protected areas lack effective policing.

News Headlines

National Park City status creates ‘higher expectations’ for park lands protection

The judges of Adelaide’s successful bid to become a globally-recognised National Park City say the title should lead to “higher expectations, accountability and standards” on planning decisions to rezone and commercialise the city’s park lands.

News Headlines

National Parks To Pave The Way For China’s ‘Ecological Civilization’

Integrated management of China’s protected areas through the newly formed National Park Administration could boost both conservation and tourism.

News Headlines

National parks: Serving humanity’s well-being as much as nature’s

Imagine, for a moment, a world without national parks

News Headlines

Ndumo Game Reserve: The complicated balancing act of subsistence farming and nature conservation in KwaZulu-Natal

As cultivated fields expand and grazing cattle explore ever further in the Ndumo Game Reserve in KwaZulu-Natal, researchers worry about unresolved efforts to address human poverty while also trying to protect the ever-shrinking spaces left for wildlife and nature conservation.

News Headlines

Nearly half of planet’s land in need of ‘conservation attention’ to halt biodiversity crisis

Almost half the planet’s land surface needs extra conservation protection if the biodiversity crisis is to be halted, a major new study has found.

News Headlines

New Deal for Nature: Paying the Emperor to Fence the Wind

The latest idea to be heavily promoted by big conservation NGOs is doubling the world’s so-called “Protected Areas” (PAs) so that they cover thirty percent of the globe’s lands and oceans.

News Headlines

New WWF-Canada Grant Recipients Restoring Over 100 Hectares of Habitat to Support Wildlife and Absorb Carbon

Groups across Canada are answering the call for a "whole-of-society" approach to the biodiversity and climate crises, taking meaningful and measurable actions to restore nature, recover wildlife and absorb carbon.

News Headlines

New Zealand Could Soon Protect One of World's Most Biodiverse Marine Areas

In 2015, then-New Zealand Prime Minister John Key announced his commitment to protect the waters surrounding the Kermadec Islands by creating one of the world’s largest fully protected marine areas. Located in the South Pacific, approximately 1,000 km (621 miles) northeast of New Zealand’s North ...

News Headlines

New protected area buffers Mauritania's shifting sands

Mauritania’s battle against encroaching desertification, which has damaged ecosystems and endangered species, has received a timely boost with the news that 200,000 hectares will be turned into a protected area to support biodiversity in the country.

News Headlines

New protected area relieves pressure on primates and pangolins in South Sudan

The future of globally important wildlife—including endangered chimpanzees and pangolins—looks a little brighter after over 17,000 hectares of severely threatened forest habitat in an ecologically unique region of South Sudan were granted formal protection.

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