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Examining the microplastics in the Indian Ocean

They may be tiny, but they pose a global problem for humans and the environment: microplastic particles. These are plastic particles with a diameter between one micron and five millimeters.

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Experts aim to improve assessment of global chemicals management

UK hosted workshop to create quantifiable process for measuring progress

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Experts call for global strategy to monitor effect of airborne plastic pollution on oceans

An international team of experts has called for the creation of an observation network to monitor the effect of airborne plastic pollution on oceans.

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Exposure to microplastics may alter cellular function

Pollution from miniscule pieces of plastic, or microplastics, have been a growing concern for scientists, public health advocates and environmentalists as these nondegradable items have increasingly made their way into waterways and even the air we breathe.


FAO Council (172nd Session)

24 - 28 April 2023, Rome, Italy


FAO Council (173rd Session)

10 July 2023, Rome, Italy


FAO Council (174th Session)

4 - 8 December 2023, Rome, Italy

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Fears of environmental disaster as oil-laden ship sinks off Sri Lanka

A chemical-laden cargo ship is sinking off the coast of Sri Lanka, sparking fears of an environmental disaster. The Singapore-registered X-Press Pearl had been on fire for almost two weeks before the blaze was put out this week.

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Fish ponds and water harvesting: climate-smart farming comes to Kenya

It might not be clear why a fish pond project should take root in a region surrounding the great Lake Victoria. After all, as the second largest freshwater lake in the world, it should be able to support the fish and the people that depend on its resources.

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Fishing for solutions to the plastic problem

More than 35 percent of fish caught in the waters off southern Australia contain microplastics, and the problem is most acute in South Australia, with plastic found in 49 percent of fish, according to research from the University of Adelaide.

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Flipflopi sets sail on expedition to map impact of marine litter in the Western Indian Ocean

There is limited data on the extent and impact of marine litter in the Western Indian Ocean region; Flipflopi and partners will map the extent of marine litter in the ocean and around the UNESCO heritage site of the Lamu archipelago; the baseline study will be used to inform potential interventi ...

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Floating ocean plastic can get a boost to its wave-induced transport because of its size

Plastic pollution and other ocean debris are a complex global environmental problem. Every year, ten million tons of plastic are estimated to be mismanaged, resulting in entry into the ocean, of which half will float initially. Yet, only 0.3 million tons of plastic can be found floating on the s ...

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Floating parks made from plastic waste could unite communities to tackle pollution

The equivalent of one truck of plastic waste is dumped into the ocean every minute, but what if it could be caught and removed before it drifted out to sea? One such solution, called the Recycled Park Project, is being floated in Rotterdam. Developed over the last five years, the idea is turning ...

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Floral foam adds to microplastic pollution problem

As the cut flower industry hits one of its busiest periods, new research has shown that the water-absorbing green floral foam used by florists is contributing to the world's microplastic problem.

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Fortune favours the prepared: Fixing the COVID-19 waste problem to build back better and tackle climate change

COVID-19 showed that the world was unprepared to cope with a surge in medical waste — but it also presents an opportunity to fix a problem that has huge implications for mitigating climate change, fighting pollution, and creating resilient health systems.

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Four in 10 Americans live in counties with unhealthy air pollution levels

New research from the American Lung Association find that more than four in 10 people – a whopping 135 million in the US – live in counties with unhealthy levels of particle or ozone pollution.

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France bans two US pesticides, citing risk to bees

French authorities on Wednesday banned two US pesticides which ecologists deem harmful to bees.

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From mountains to oceans: Plastic pollution exceeds Earth's safe limit

Scientists have warned that 14 million tonnes of plastic end up in oceans every year and only less 10 per cent of the world's plastic waste is recycled

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From paradise to landfill: beloved California beach covered in trash

Beachgoers hoping to stretch their legs on southern California’s famous Seal Beach were surprised to find a mountain of trash instead of sand and surf this week.

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G20 to tackle ocean plastic waste as petrochemical producers expand in Asia

TOKYO (Reuters) - Japan wants to make reducing the glut of plastic waste in the oceans a priority at the Group of 20 summit it is hosting this month as governments around the world crack down on such pollution.

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Germany: Draft bill to ban plastic bags on the way

The use of plastic bags is on the decline in Germany, but the 64% decrease since 2015 doesn't go far enough for Environment Minister Svenja Schulze. Her department has drafted a bill to ban them completely.

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Giving plastics collected from the ocean a ’second life’

Plastic has become a part of our lives over many years, but it can take hundreds of years for it to break down and is creating an environmental catastrophe, particularly in our oceans.

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Glyphosate pesticide does not cause mortality in bumble bees

Glyphosate is the most commonly used pesticide in the world, and is widely used in agriculture. While glyphosate has been deemed 'bee-safe' by regulators, some emerging evidence studies suggest that it has negative effects on bees. For that reason, discovering whether glyphosate alone, or in com ...

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Golf’s championship takes a swing at single-use plastics

The small Scottish seaside town of St Andrews is replete with a rich history which includes a castle and Scotland’s oldest university, founded in 1413.

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Government moves to rid Nigerian waters of pollution

The Federal Government has launched an action plan to tackle the challenge of marine litter and plastics, to ensure cleaner seas and ocean for healthy living and protection of maritime ecosystem.

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Harmful effects of soil pollution and remedial thinking

The three most important elements of the environment are soil, water and air. But now the soil is being polluted in many ways. When the concentration of soil pollutants becomes so high that it harms the biodiversity of the land and especially the health through food then we call it soil pollutio ...

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Heartbreaking Images That Show the Impact of Plastic on Animals in the Ocean.

These heartbreaking photos reveal the devastating impact of the plastic crisis that is blighting the planet's oceans. The images, which have been taken by photographers around the world, show everything from turtles trapped in fishing nets to dead whales with their bellies full of debris.

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Help us support those on the frontline of the climate emergency

As poorer nations pay the price for wealthy countries’ pollution, fighting climate injustice is a moral obligation.

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Henderson Island: the Pacific paradise groaning under 18 tonnes of plastic waste

Rubbish has been washing up on its isolated beaches in the Pitcairn chain at a rate of several thousand bits of plastic a day

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Hermit crabs 'sexually excited' by toxins from plastic pollution

Plastic waste in the world's oceans is releasing an additive which may be "sexually exciting" hermit crabs, researchers say. The waters off the North Yorkshire coast have been found by scientists at the University of Hull to contain a chemical called oleamide leaking from plastics.

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High levels of toxic chemicals found in Cambridgeshire drinking water

Drinking water containing dangerously high levels of toxic chemicals has been pumped into the homes of more than 1,000 people, the Guardian can reveal.

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High levels of toxic ‘forever chemicals’ found in anti-fogging sprays and wipes

Anti-fogging sprays and cloths often used to prevent condensation on eyeglasses from wearing a mask or on face shields may contain high levels of potentially toxic PFAS “forever chemicals”, according to a new study led by Duke University.

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High pesticide concentrations continue to enter Great Barrier Reef

The combined toxicity of 22 of the most common pesticides found in waterways flowing into the Great Barrier Reef is in many cases not meeting pollution reduction targets.

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Highest levels of microplastics found in molluscs, new study says

Mussels, oysters and scallops have the highest levels of microplastic contamination among seafood, a new study reveals.The research—led by researchers at Hull York Medical School and the University of Hull—looked at more than 50 studies between 2014 and 2020 to investigate the levels of micropla ...

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Horrible hybrids': the plastic products that give recyclers nightmares.

The cheerful, singing voice inside your musical “Happy Birthday” card is enough to strike horror in the heart of your local recycler. The musical cards, which play a recording when opened, look like plain cardboard, making them easy to accidentally throw in the recycling bin. But experts say the ...

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How Does the Nile’s Pollution Affect Its Ecosystem and Us?

Bassita, a click-funding initiative famous for its social media awareness campaigns, introduced the ‘VeryNile’ initiative on Saturday, in a bid to solve Egypt’s Nile pollution by creating a sustainable ecosystem that recycles the plastic and waste collected from the river.

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How Much Garbage Does The Usa Dump In Our Oceans?

In a recent study, the researchers estimated that there would be between 1 and 2 million people living in poverty. There would be 13 million to 2 million people.

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How Plastic Pollution Is Deteriorating Soil Quality For Agriculture

Agricultural soils may receive greater quantities of microplastics than oceans, indicates a recent research by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO).

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How a Seaweed-Eating Microbe Could Help Fight Plastic Pollution

Around 8 million metric tons of plastic are estimated to enter the oceans every year. But the oceans could provide a solution to this plastic pollution problem. In a new study published in Bioresource Technology, scientists report that certain salt-loving microorganisms could eat seaweed and pro ...

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How does plastic debris make its way into ocean garbage patches?

Tons of plastic debris get released into the ocean every day, and most of it accumulates within the middle of garbage patches, which tend to float on the oceans' surface in the center of each of their regions. The most infamous one, known as the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, is in the North Pacif ...

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How plastic travels across geographies – and ends up in humans

Migration is a crucial, seasonal journey undertaken by species, which disproportionately exposes them to many threats, plastic pollution being among them.

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