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'Invisible killer': fossil fuels caused 8.7m deaths globally in 2018, research finds

Air pollution caused by the burning of fossil fuels such as coal and oil was responsible for 8.7m deaths globally in 2018, a staggering one in five of all people who died that year, new research has found.

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Ocean Pollution Is A Mix Of Plastic, Chemicals, Toxic Metals And Is A Clear Danger To Human Health

Ocean pollution is widespread, worsening, and poses a clear and present danger to human health and wellbeing. But the extent of this danger has not been widely comprehended – until now. Our recent study provides the first comprehensive assessment of the impacts of ocean pollution on human health.

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Trash trap gets to work removing plastic waste from Vietnam's Red River

Removing the vast amounts of plastic waste already polluting our oceans is going to need tackling in a number of ways. But the flow of plastic from rivers also needs to be stopped, and that's what Vietnam's trash traps are designed to do.

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Human noise affects animal behaviour, studies show

Working from home during Covid-19 has brought noise pollution close to home, whether it’s your partner making calls within earshot or grinding coffee during your Zoom interview. Now research suggests the animal kingdom is also disturbed by the noise of humans and our gadgets.

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Some food contamination starts in the soil

When most people hear "food contamination," they think of bacteria present on unwashed fruits or vegetables, or undercooked meat. However, there are other ways for harmful contaminants to be present in food products.

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Are plastics and microplastics in the ocean on the increase?

That is the question that Prof. Alan Deidun, resident academic within the Department of Geosciences of the Faculty of Science, along with a cohort of high-profile co-authors, posed within a study recently published in the Microplastics and Nanoplastics journal. Specifically, the study overviews ...

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Why ocean pollution is a clear danger to human health

Ocean pollution is widespread, worsening, and poses a clear and present danger to human health and wellbeing. But the extent of this danger has not been widely comprehended—until now. Our recent study provides the first comprehensive assessment of the impacts of ocean pollution on human health.

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Air pollution linked to higher risk of irreversible sight loss

Small increases in air pollution are linked to an increased risk of irreversible sight loss from age-related macular degeneration (AMD), a large UK study has found.

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Polyester fibres are being found in areas as remote as the Arctic Ocean

The Arctic has long proven to be a barometer of the health of our planet. This remote part of the world faces unprecedented environmental assaults, as climate change and industrial chemicals threaten a way of life for Inuit and other Indigenous and northern communities that rely heavily on seafo ...

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Air pollution will lead to mass migration, say experts after landmark ruling

Air pollution does not respect national boundaries and environmental degradation will lead to mass migration in the future, said a leading barrister in the wake of a landmark migration ruling, as experts warned that government action must be taken as a matter of urgency.

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Ocean pollutants 'have negative effect on male fertility'

Long-lived banned industrial chemicals may be threatening the fertility of male porpoises living off the UK. Polychlorinated byphenyls (PCBs) were phased out decades ago, but can build up in whales, dolphins and porpoises.

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A forum to fight ocean plastic pollution

As the second Malta Sustainability Forum prepares to kick-start online later this month, Malta’s first-ever Ocean Ambassador Alan Deidun explains why fighting ocean plastic pollution should be at the top of humanity’s priorities list.

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COVID-19 hazard: 1.56 bn masks polluted oceans in 2020, claims study

These masks will take as long as 450 years to break down and all the while serve as a source of micro plastic and negatively impact marine wildlife and ecosystems, says a new report by OceanAsia

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Pollution is affecting the pandemic, not the other way around

Early on in the pandemic, it was starting to look like 2020 might be the year pollution disappeared.You may remember the satellite images that showed a dramatic drop in air pollution over China as parts of the country went through the world's first coronavirus-related lockdown, or the quick-turn ...

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UK beach clean: disco ball and pink pants among oddest items found

A full-size disco ball, a plastic Christmas tree and a double mattress were among the more unusual objects found by volunteers cleaning up the UK’s beaches this autumn.

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Pollution killed nearly 1.7m people in India in 2019 – study

Pollution accounted for nearly 1.7m premature deaths in India in 2019, or 18% of all deaths, according to a study that lays bare the human cost of the country’s toxic urban air.

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Plastic is Blowing in Wind

The discovery of microplastics in the air above the ocean reveals the spread of this hazardous pollution.As the plastic in our oceans breaks up into smaller and smaller bits without breaking down chemically, the resulting microplastics are becoming a serious ecological problem.

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Highest levels of microplastics found in molluscs, new study says

Mussels, oysters and scallops have the highest levels of microplastic contamination among seafood, a new study reveals.The research—led by researchers at Hull York Medical School and the University of Hull—looked at more than 50 studies between 2014 and 2020 to investigate the levels of micropla ...

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Online shopping: Great for bargains, terrible for the environment

Mountains of packaging discarded after China’s Singles’ Day shopping event are hurting the government’s attempts to reduce waste.If you worry about all the waste generated by the annual rush of holiday shopping and gift giving, it’s nothing compared to the mountains of discarded packaging that c ...

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Light Pollution Is Causing Birds to Nest Earlier, Mitigating Some Effects of Climate Change

People might admire the glowing, golden aura of a city illuminated against the night sky, but the consequences for wildlife aren't so beautiful. Light pollution from artificial sources at night disrupts how animals process their environment, and it's triggered crashes in insect populations, an u ...

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How the US Clean Air Act saved 1.5 billion birds in 50 years

The improved air quality and reduced ozone pollution that followed the 1970 passage of the US Clean Air Act and later amendments have saved the lives of 1.5 billion birds across the continent, according to new research.

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Clean air zones to tackle traffic pollution delayed or on hold

Measures to tackle illegal air pollution, which kills tens of thousands of people a year in the UK, are being delayed or shelved despite growing evidence of the health risks.

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Harmful effects of soil pollution and remedial thinking

The three most important elements of the environment are soil, water and air. But now the soil is being polluted in many ways. When the concentration of soil pollutants becomes so high that it harms the biodiversity of the land and especially the health through food then we call it soil pollutio ...

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'We're getting Europe's waste?' US hit by plastic debris lost from UK ship

Brightly coloured plastic debris from the UK has been washing up along the coast of Maine in the US after a shipment bound for incineration fell into the sea.

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Scientists warn of likely massive oil spill endangering the Red Sea, region's health

A paper to be published in Frontiers in Marine Science on December 15 is calling for action to remove the oil from a decaying and inactive tanker in the Red Sea that holds approximately one million barrels of oil—four times the amount of oil contained in the Exxon Valdez, the tanker that had a d ...

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Deadliest plastics: bags and packaging biggest marine life killers, study finds

Plastic bags and flexible packaging are the deadliest plastic items in the ocean, killing wildlife including whales, dolphins, turtles and seabirds around the globe, according to a review of hundreds of scientific articles.

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In Pictures: How much plastic are you eating?

Plastic production surged in the last 50 years, and we could be ingesting the equivalent of a credit card of plastic a week.What’s for dinner? Lego sushi, credit card burgers, or a well-done piece of PVC pipe? These examples may sound extreme, but can easily represent over time the cumulative am ...

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Mountains fielding more trash as Turks seek pandemic getaways

Humans engaging in outdoor activities during the coronavirus pandemic are leaving a trail of trash in their wake, threatening Turkey's mountain ecosystems, a Turkish marine scientist and mountaineer warned Friday.

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More than 1.56 billion face masks could end up polluting oceans: report

More than 1.56 billion face masks used in 2020 will make their way into our planet’s oceans, joining literal tonnes of other plastic pollution, according to an estimate by OceansAsia.

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Ocean pollution threatens the health of more than three billion people

In the first comprehensive report of its kind, experts describe how the impacts of ocean pollution are directly harmful to human health, and plastic is only part of the problem. The researchers found that toxic ocean pollution endangers the health and well-being of more than three billion people.

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Coca-Cola, Pepsi and Nestlé named top plastic polluters for third year in a row

Coca-Cola, PepsiCo and Nestlé have been accused of “zero progress” on reducing plastic waste, after being named the world’s top plastic polluters for the third year in a row.

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Toxic waste dumping in the Gulf of Guinea amounts to environmental racism

Toxic waste and electronic waste (e-waste) is generated from a wide range of industries—such as health, hydrocarbon or manufacturing—and can come in many forms, such as sludges or gas. E-waste is used electronic items that are nearing the end of their useful life, and are discarded or given to b ...

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The Clean Air Act saved 1.5 billion birds

To examine the relationship between bird abundance and air pollution, researchers from Cornell University, New York, tracked the monthly changes in bird abundance, air quality and regulation in over 3,000 U.S counties over a 15 year period.

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Pet flea treatments poisoning rivers across England, scientists find

Highly toxic insecticides used on cats and dogs to kill fleas are poisoning rivers across England, a study has revealed. The discovery is “extremely concerning” for water insects, and the fish and birds that depend on them, the scientists said, who expect significant environmental damage is bein ...

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Summit aims for clean-up of shipping industry

Governments from around the world will try to reach agreement on a deal to clean up international shipping this week. Scientists say ships are a key source of pollution, producing a billion tonnes in CO2 emissions each year.

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S. Korea, China agree to seek joint measures in reducing fine dust

The environment ministers of South Korea and China held online talks Wednesday to discuss measures to reduce fine dust air pollution and help achieve the two nations' goals in achieving carbon neutrality, Seoul's environment ministry said.

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Plastic Pollution and Ocean Acidification Together Threaten Marine Life

An international research team has identified that following three weeks of being immersed in the ocean, the bacterial diversity on plastic bottles was two times as high as on samples gathered from the surrounding seawater.

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Giving plastics collected from the ocean a ’second life’

Plastic has become a part of our lives over many years, but it can take hundreds of years for it to break down and is creating an environmental catastrophe, particularly in our oceans.

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Scientists Discover 1.9 Million Plastic Pieces On Ocean Floor

Scientists have found the highest microplastic contamination ever recorded on the ocean floor. According to BBC News' latest report, the water contamination was found in sediments pulled from the bottom of the Mediterranean located near Italy.

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A COVID-19 recovery for climate

In response to the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic, countries are launching economic recovery programs to mitigate unemployment and stabilize core industries. Although it is understandably difficult to contemplate other hazards in the midst of this outbreak, it is important to remem ...

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Microplastic pollution crisis threatens biodiversity 'more than is currently recognised', research shows

Microplastics pollution is causing disruption and behavioural changes among hermit crab populations, researchers have claimed. Academics from Queen’s University Belfast and Liverpool John Moores University authored the paper, which focused on the impact on the crabs, which require shells from sn ...

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Research highlights impact of plastic pollution on marine life

New research from Queen's University Belfast and Liverpool John Moores University reveals how the microplastic pollution crisis is threatening biodiversity.

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Horrible hybrids': the plastic products that give recyclers nightmares.

The cheerful, singing voice inside your musical “Happy Birthday” card is enough to strike horror in the heart of your local recycler. The musical cards, which play a recording when opened, look like plain cardboard, making them easy to accidentally throw in the recycling bin. But experts say the ...

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Air pollution linked to raised Covid-19 death risk

High levels of air pollution could raise the risk of dying from Covid-19, two studies suggest. Dr Maria Neira, of the World Health Organization (WHO), told BBC News countries with high pollution levels, many in Latin America, Africa and Asia, should ramp up their preparations.

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It's positively alpine!': Disbelief in big cities as air pollution falls

The screenshots began to circulate on Delhi WhatsApp groups last week, captioned with varying expressions of disbelief. Having checked the air quality index, something of a sadistic morning ritual among residents of India’s capital, most could not believe their eyes.

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Vexing Nemo: Motorboat noise makes clownfish stressed and aggressive

Hormonal changes caused by motorboat noise cause clownfish to hide, skip meals and attack their neighbours—putting damselfish in distress.

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