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Light pollution at night affects the calls of migratory birds

When investigators in the UK recorded the calls of migratory birds called thrushes at night, they found that call rates were up to five times higher over the brightest urban areas compared with darker villages.

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Light pollution falling amid soaring energy prices, star survey finds

Light pollution has decreased as a result of fears over soaring energy costs, a survey by the countryside charity CPRE has suggested.

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Living Planet: It's snowing microplastics

If synthetic clothing gives off microplastics when we wash it, how far do these tiny particles travel after leaving our homes? Researchers from the Alfred Wegener Institute found some surprising answers to where these plastic bits end up and how they get there.

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Living and working on Georgia's largest garbage dump

Environmentalists fear pollution from the Gonio landfill is seeping into the air, soil and waters of the Black Sea. But government plans to close it have left many waste pickers worrying about an uncertain future.

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Lockdown eases seasonal smog – but less than expected

We think of spring as the time of blossom and fresh new green growth, but it is often the most polluted time of year in western Europe. Last week, as winds turned easterly, particle pollution once again spread across western Europe. Spring smogs can cause particle pollution to reach the top valu ...

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Londoners told to reduce physical activity on Friday due to pollution

Londoners should avoid strenuous physical activity on Friday due to “very high” levels of pollution, experts have warned. The poor air quality is the result of an intense area of high pressure covering western Europe. The associated lack of air movement means emissions from vehicles and other po ...

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Low emission zones: Most-polluting cars to be barred from city centres

Restrictions prohibiting the most-polluting vehicles from the centres of four Scottish cities have moved a step closer following the introduction of low emission zones.

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Lower UK air pollution limits to prevent deaths, says coroner

Legally binding maximum levels of particulate air pollution should be lowered in the UK to be in line with World Health Organization limits, a coroner has said. UK levels for two particularly harmful kinds of pollution are currently twice as high as the WHO recommends.

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Magnets, vacuums and tiny nets: the new fight against microplastics

When it comes to microplastics, there’s rarely good news. Researchers continue to find the tiny plastic fragments everywhere they look.

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Make historic campaign to ban leaded petrol ‘blueprint to phase out coal’, says UN

The UN secretary general and environmentalists have welcomed a declaration by the UN Environment Programme (UNEP) on the end of leaded petrol in the face of years of “underhand” opposition.

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Making waves: Female round-the-world crew to fight ocean plastic

LONDON (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - More than 300 women will join a round-the-world voyage launching in October to highlight the devastating impact of plastic pollution in the oceans and conduct scientific research into the escalating crisis.

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Man-made chemicals could be stressing out marine mammals

Marine mammals are grappling with climate change, but now a researcher has joined FIU to study whether chemical contaminants are adding an additional layer of stress to this already tense situation.

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Manipur’s recent plastic ban appears in election discussions

Forty-year-old Thoi has been selling different varieties of rice inside the historic Ima Keithel all-women market in Imphal, the capital city of India’s north-east state of Manipur, for the past 12 years.

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Mariana Trench: Deepest-ever sub dive finds plastic bag By Rebecca Morelle

An American explorer has found plastic waste on the seafloor while breaking the record for the deepest ever dive.

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Marine plastic pollution costs the world up to $2.5tn a year, researchers find

Plastic pollution in the world’s oceans costs society billions of dollars every year in damaged and lost resources, research has found.

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Maritime rope could be adding billions of microplastics to the ocean every year

The hauling of rope on maritime vessels could result in billions of microplastic fragments entering the ocean every year, according to new research.

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Mathematical model predicts the movement of microplastics in the ocean

A new model tracking the vertical movement of algae-covered microplastic particles offers hope in the fight against plastic waste in our oceans.

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Mauritius - a Fisherman's Life Amid Covid-19 and an Oil-Polluted Ocean

"From where we live, we could see that the MV Wakashio had run aground on the reefs," - 39-year-old Bimsen Beeharry.Life was going well for 39-year-old Mauritian fisherman Bimsen Beeharry when COVID-19 hit in early 2020, prompting authorities to impose a lockdown and suspend fishing. The COVID-1 ...

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Mealworms provide plastic solution

Tiny mealworms may hold part of the solution to our giant plastics problem. Not only are they able to consume various forms of plastic, as previous Stanford research has shown, they can eat Styrofoam containing a common toxic chemical additive and still be safely used as protein-rich feedstock f ...

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Meet Mr Trash Wheel – and the other new devices that eat river plastic

The Great Bubble Barrier is just that – a wall of bubbles. It gurgles across the water in a diagonal screen, pushing plastic to one side while allowing fish and other wildlife to pass unharmed.

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Micro and nano plastics in the atmosphere are polluting oceans! Here’s how

As the plastic particles can travel to the regions of the planet that are still largely untouched and remote could affect the surface climate and the health of the local ecosystem.

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Micro-pollution ravaging China and South Asia: study

Nearly 90 percent of the 200 cities beset by the world's highest levels of deadly micro-pollution are in China and India, with most of the rest in Pakistan and Indonesia, researchers reported Tuesday.

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Microplastic Pollution Found in Deep Sediments on the Ocean Floor

Microplastic pollution in the world’s oceans is a growing problem, and most studies of the issue have focused on land-based sources, such as discarded plastic bags or water bottles. Now, researchers reporting in ACS’ Environmental Science & Technology have linked microplastics in China’s Beibu G ...

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Microplastic pollution adds to oceans’ problems

[SÃO PAULO] The harmful effects of microplastics on the marine environment are widely documented.

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Microplastic pollution crisis threatens biodiversity 'more than is currently recognised', research shows

Microplastics pollution is causing disruption and behavioural changes among hermit crab populations, researchers have claimed. Academics from Queen’s University Belfast and Liverpool John Moores University authored the paper, which focused on the impact on the crabs, which require shells from sn ...

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Microplastic pollution revealed ‘absolutely everywhere’ by new research

Microplastic pollution spans the world, according to new studies showing contamination in the UK’s lake and rivers, in groundwater in the US and along the Yangtze river in China and the coast of Spain.

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Microplastics 1 million times more abundant in the ocean than previously thought

Nothing seems safe from plastic contamination. A new study by NSF-funded researchers at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography suggests there could be a million times more pieces of plastic in the ocean than previously estimated.

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Microplastics are in the air we breathe and in Earth's atmosphere, and they affect the climate

Microplastics are found in the most remote places on land and in the ocean as well as in our food. Now several studies around the world have confirmed they are also present in the air we breathe.

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Microplastics flushed into the oceans are causing mussels to lose their grip

Microplastics flushed into the oceans are causing mussels to lose their grip, a new study warned. The tiny particles of plastic fragments are affecting the ability of mussels to attach themselves to their surroundings and triggering an immune response in the mollusc.

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Microplastics found deep in lungs of living people for first time

Microplastic pollution has been discovered lodged deep in the lungs of living people for the first time. The particles were found in almost all the samples analysed.

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Microplastics found in 4 of 5 bivalve species investigated in Nordic waters

An extensive Nordic research project has looked at microplastics in marine bivalves from 100 sites spread throughout much of the Nordic waters. The study showed that microplastics were found in four of the five bivalve species investigated, and that there was a huge variation in the occurrence a ...

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Microplastics found to permeate the ocean’s deepest points

Like the food particles that clump together in the middle of a kitchen sink, plastic debris is gathering in the deepest reaches of the ocean.

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Microplastics in the Cauvery River may be harming fish

Pollutants like microplastics may be causing growth defects in fish, including skeletal deformities, in the Cauvery River, a new study reveals. Published in the journal Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety, the study was led by Upendra Nongthomba, Professor at the Department of Molecular Repro ...

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Microplastics in the Great Lakes: Becoming benthic

From the Great Pacific garbage patch to inland rivers, plastics are among the most widespread contaminants on Earth. Microplastics—particles of plastic smaller than five millimeters—are especially pervasive. As they build up in Earth's waters, microplastics are also becoming a permanent part of ...

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Microplastics stunt growth of worms, study finds

The damaging effect of plastic waste in the ocean is well-documented but new research shows this polluting material could also make soils significantly less fertile.

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Microplastics: The ‘Missing Plastics’ of the Ocean Uncovered by Scientists

Plastics that are for one-time use are called Single Use plastics, like utensils, wrappers, and other items. Out of the 300 million tons of plastics that are produced yearly, there is 50% contributed by single-use plastics.

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More plastic is on the way: What it means for climate change

With the recent fracking boom causing low gas prices, fossil fuel companies are seeking other ways to bolster their profits—by making more plastic. Just as the world is starting to address its enormous plastic pollution problem, these companies are doubling down on plastic, with huge potential c ...

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More than 1.56 billion face masks could end up polluting oceans: report

More than 1.56 billion face masks used in 2020 will make their way into our planet’s oceans, joining literal tonnes of other plastic pollution, according to an estimate by OceansAsia.

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Morocco Launches Campaign to Promote Plastic-free Beaches

The Mohammed VI Foundation for the Environment has launched its 2019 beach cleaning campaign, under the hashtag “#b7arblaplastic” (“#beacheswithoutplastic”).

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Most plans for new coal plants scrapped since Paris agreement

The global pipeline of new coal power plants has collapsed since the 2015 Paris climate agreement, according to research that suggests the end of the polluting energy source is in sight.

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Mountains fielding more trash as Turks seek pandemic getaways

Humans engaging in outdoor activities during the coronavirus pandemic are leaving a trail of trash in their wake, threatening Turkey's mountain ecosystems, a Turkish marine scientist and mountaineer warned Friday.

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Mouse plague poison kills dozens of birds in New South Wales

Dozens of birds have been killed through poisoning amid concerns that methods to eradicate a growing mouse plague in eastern Australia are hitting other wildlife.

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Nano state: tiny and now everywhere, how big a problem are nanoparticles?

In 2019, Ikea announced it had developed curtains that it claimed could “break down common indoor air pollutants”. The secret, it said, was the fabric’s special coating. “What if we could use textiles to clean the air?” asked Ikea’s product developer, Mauricio Affonso, in a promotional video for ...

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Nations are making new pledges to cut climate pollution. They aren't enough

Many countries have agreed to stronger limits on greenhouse gas emissions in the lead-up to international climate talks next week, a crucial step in avoiding catastrophic storms, floods and droughts.

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Natural product could be the alternative to single-use plastics

A plant-based material may be the solution to replace single-use plastics, according to a team from the University of Cambridge, UK (1). The team has developed a new sustainable and scalable material, which is as strong as standard plastic.

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Nearly half of countries' shared fish stocks are on the move due to climate change, prompting dispute concerns

Climate change will force 45 per cent of the fish stocks that cross through two or more exclusive economic zones to shift significantly from their historical habitats and migration paths by 2100, a challenge that may lead to international conflict, according to a new UBC study.

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Neonicotinoid pesticide residues found in Irish honey

Neonicotinoids are the most widely used group of insecticides globally, used in plant protection products to control harmful insects.

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