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Tiny Beads Found In Shampoo And Exfoliants Are A Threat to the Sydney Harbour

Tiny pieces of plastic used in toothpastes, shampoos, shower gels and exfoliants have been found in the Sydney Harbour and could pose a threat to marine animals and humans as they are toxic in nature, reported Daily Telegraph.

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New Antarctic atlas offers index of marine life

The most complete audit ever assembled of Antarctic sea life is to be published this week.More than 9,000 species, from single-cell organisms to penguins and whales, are chronicled in the first Antarctic atlas since 1969. The book will be launched by the Scientific Committee on Antarctic Researc ...

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Hundreds of sea-floor methane plumes spotted by sonar

Bubble streams off the US East Coast could be methane-rich ices warming and releasing the potent greenhouse gas.

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Jamaican coral reefs get a helping hand

Jamaica may be known for its sun and sea, but under the waves the country is batting to rebuild its coral reefs. Manmade reefs have begun to see success after the island's corals were decimated by disease and pollution.

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Dumping Ban Urged for Australia’s Iconic Reef

UXBRIDGE, Canada, Aug 21 2014 (IPS) - Increased effort is needed to protect Australia’s iconic Great Barrier Reef, which is in serious decline and will likely deteriorate further in the future, according to a new report. “Greater reductions of all threats at all levels, reef-wide, regional and l ...

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'If we don't change now we will lose the reefs'

A major study has found Caribbean coral reefs could disappear in 20 years. DW spoke to Carl Gustaf Lundin, director of the global marine and polar programme at the International Union for Conservation of Nature.

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Scraping the Seafloor for Fish Harms Biodiversity

Fishing boats have dragged nets across the seafloor in pursuit of bottom-feeding fish and crustaceans since the Middle Ages. In recent decades, motorized fishing fleets, powered by government subsidies, have taken heavier nets deeper and farther offshore. The annual haul from international water ...

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Government scientists 'warned against dumping' in Great Barrier Reef park

Scientists were opposed to dumping millions of tonnes of dredged sediment but they were overruled

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Does Iceland Gain From Whaling?

REYKJAVIK, Aug 18 2014 (IPS) - Although fin whaling by Icelanders has encountered increasing opposition over the last year, Icelandic whaling boats headed off to sea again in mid-June for the first hunt of the summer and by August 14 had killed 80 fin whales.

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40% of the Indian coast is subjected to coastal erosion

The ministry of environment and forests through the National Centre for Sustainable Coastal Management, Chennai in association with the Institute of Ocean Management, Anna University, Chennai has conducted a study regarding "assessment of shore line change for the entire coast of mainland India, ...

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In the Ocean, Clues to Change

A few weeks ago, some 300 miles off the coast of New Zealand, scientists aboard the research vessel Tangaroa gently lowered two funky-looking orange orbs into the sea. Soon they disappeared, plunging of their own accord toward the depths of the Pacific Ocean.

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Cameras head to oceans to give ‘street view’ of reefs

ISLAMORADA, Fla. – It’s easy to go online and get a 360-degree, ground-level view of almost any street in the United States and throughout the world. Soon, scientists hope people will be able to do the same with coral reefs and other underwater wonders.


International Marine Conservation Congress (IMCC3)

14 - 19 August 2014, Glasgow, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

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Sharks Winning Shark Week: Obama Acting to Protect America's Oceans

President Ulysses S. Grant signed the legislation establishing Yellowstone National Park in 1872, making it the first such place preserved for future generations. At the time, there was no real threat of massive industrial development in the region, but forward-thinking conservationists foresaw ...

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Australia Great Barrier Reef outlook 'poor and deteriorating'

The outlook for Australia's Great Barrier Reef is poor despite conservation efforts, with further deterioration expected in coming years, a report says.

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Planting meadows in the ocean: technique may help restore disappearing seagrass beds

Seagrass meadows form important parts of many ocean ecosystems, but is disappearing due to human impacts. However, a study published recently in PLOS ONE found eelgrass beds could benefit from a restoration technique using seed-filled pearl nets.

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Great Barrier Reef's greatest threat is climate change, says new report

Warmer ocean currents will have far-reaching consequences for decades to come, study says

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Mercury pollution in upper ocean has tripled since Industrial revolution

The amount of mercury in the upper ocean has tripled since the industrial revolution, according to a new study that leaves little doubt that humans are to blame.

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Study measures steep coastal costs of China's GDP growth

Economic activity, as in this floating mariculture installation at Sanya, is having a dramatic effect on the health of China's seas.

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Marine noise impacts eels too!

Marine noise has been studied for it's impact on whales, dolphins and other marine animals. Might it also impact smaller creatures too? Eels, for example.

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Pollution triples mercury levels in ocean surface waters, study finds

Toxic metal threatens marine life as it accumulates faster in shallow layers than in deep sea due to human activity

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Elephants under the sea: awkward-looking fish modify the coral-reef ecosystem in mixed ways

Bumphead parrotfish are noisy feeders. They break off large branches of corals using their powerful beaks, grind them up in their bodies to extract nutrients, and expel the undigested material in large cloudy plumes of feces.

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A major study of all penguin populations

A major study of all penguin species suggests the birds are at continuing risk from habitat degradation. Writing in the journal, Conservation Biology, a group of internationally renowned scientists recommends the adoption of measures to mitigate against a range of effects including; food scarcit ...

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New corals discovered on UKs highest underwater mountain

Heriot-Watt scientists have discovered new populations of deep-sea corals growing on the slopes of the UK's highest underwater mountain, a site recently added to the list of Scotland's new Marine Protected Areas.

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115 whales killed as Japan wraps up Pacific hunt

Japan has concluded a two-and-a-half month whale hunt in the Pacific, killing 115 whales. It is the second campaign since the United Nations' top court ordered Tokyo to halt a separate hunt in the Antarctic.

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Algae under threat from invasive fish

Tropical fish invading temperate waters warmed as a result of climate change are overgrazing algae, posing a threat to biodiversity and some marine-based industries.

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Deep-sea cameras reveal commercial fisheries having little impact on seafloor biodiversity

The Australia Antarctic Division has developed a new system of deep sea cameras to explore the impact of commercial fishing on biodiversity.

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Changing oceans affecting calcification of marine organisms

The ocean is home to many creatures, and all of them take their sustenance from this environment. One group of organisms use the ocean's calcium to create their shells and exoskeletons. These are the calcifiers, the mollusks, corals and starfish.

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Conservationists call for Canary Islands whale sanctuary instead of oil scheme

Months before oil exploration is slated to begin in the Canary Islands, the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) is calling on the Spanish government to abandon the search for oil and instead create a sanctuary for whales and dolphins in the region.

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Whales under threat as US approves seismic oil prospecting in Atlantic

The Obama administration is reopening the eastern seaboard to offshore oil and gas exploration, approving seismic surveys using sonic cannons that can pinpoint energy deposits deep beneath the ocean floor.

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Great Barrier Reef 'in worst state since records began'

he Great Barrier Reef is in the worst state it's been in since records began and will be "pretty ugly" within 40 years, Australian scientists say.

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Scientists watch tagged turtles from space

Unique research by Deakin University scientists using satellite tracking to monitor tagged green turtles has found the turtles move in and out of enormous protected marine conservation zones, exposing them to danger as they migrate from their breeding grounds to forage for food.

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Dredging can more than double coral disease in reefs: study

A world-first study has found that dredging can more than double the level of coral disease in reefs.

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Tropical Fish Migration Destroying Kelp & Seagrass

Climate change-driven overgrazing of kelp and seagrass in Japanese waters has already led to the collapse of abalone fisheries

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New data sends wake-up call on Caribbean reefs

Marine environmentalist Eli Fuller, who for the past two decades has been exploring the coastline of Antigua and Barbuda, warns that while there has been “dramatic changes” to coral reefs since he was a little boy, “it’s getting worse and worse.”

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Call for strong measures to save Pacific bluefin tuna fishery after 96 per cent decline in breeding stock

The Worldwide Fund for Nature is urging Pacific fisheries to immediately halve their catch limits to preserve bluefin tuna stocks for the long-term.

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Great Barrier Reef impact from dredging could cost ‘as much as $1bn’

The amount of money needed to “offset” the impact of a dredging project on the Great Barrier Reef could be as much as $1bn – which is $998m more than the project developer has suggested.

Meeting Document


Report of Sustainable Ocean Initiative (SOI) Capacity-Building Workshop for West Africa

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Tropical fish threaten kelp and algae

Plant-eating tropical fish species are causing serious damage to algae and kelp forests in sub-tropical and temperate regions around the world, an international team of experts warn.

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Tanzania: EU Funded Project Seizes 300kgs of Dynamite

A European Union funded SmartFish programme has confiscated 300 kilograms of explosive, impounded 50 fishing vessels and prosecuted five cases of illegal fishing in Indian Ocean during the past 24 months.

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Port wants to to load coal between ships in middle of Great Barrier Reef

Environmentalists fear ships could collide, spewing coal into world heritage-listed waters, disturbing fisheries and turtles

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Caribbean coral reefs 'could vanish in 20 years'

Many of the Caribbean's coral reefs could vanish in the next 20 years, according to a report published by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN).

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Pacific waters get relief from US conservation efforts

Oceans are rolling to the forefront of the global conservation agenda as the United States and Pacific island nations launch programs to protect global waters.

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Great Barrier Reef marina development: Documents reveal GBRMPA had concerns over $600m Great Keppel Island resort

Documents obtained by the ABC under Freedom of Information reveal that the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority (GBRMPA) identified serious concerns with a huge marina development it later approved.

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'Immediate protection' needed for Pitcairn's marine bounty

Researchers say that "immediate protection" is required for the waters around the remote Pitcairn Islands in the Pacific, home to one of the world's rarest and most valuable collections of marine species.

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Alaska Humpback Whales Are Making A Comeback

Alaska's humpback whales swam a little closer on Wednesday to losing their status as an endangered species after being federally protected for more than 40 years, a U.S. agency said

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Report warns world's fragile oceans pushed to point of collapse

A new report by a group of former world leaders, including ex-prime minister Paul Martin, says fixing our oceans will require unpopular, expensive changes

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Unesco delays 'endangered' Great Barrier Reef decision

Unesco has delayed a decision on whether Australia's Great Barrier Reef should be declared as endangered.

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