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Jamaicans urged to protect biodiversity

Jamaicans are being urged to take personal responsibility for perserving the evvironment.

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Extinction obituary: the sudden, sad disappearance of the Christmas Island forest skink

The last Christmas Island forest skink was named Gump. She lived in a spacious cage filled with rocks, soil, logs and a ready supply of fresh invertebrate food in the island’s national park.

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Safeguarding Biodiversity is Vital for Tourism to Costa Rica

Costa Rica is one of the most desired destinations by tourists from various parts of the world and one of the reasons is related to its extensive biodiversity since foreigners want to know the natural beauties that it houses in its more than 51 thousand square kilometers.

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Rodrigues: The Indian Ocean island time forgot

Marooned 600km north-east of Mauritius, and close to no other landform, Rodrigues is a world unto itself. It is also one of the world's most remote inhabited islands.

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Saint Helena - A Bastion of Biodiversity

The small island of St. Helena in the South Atlantic is home to unique fauna and flora. Many of the more than 400 species living here are found nowhere else in the world.

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How a Global Organisation is Safeguarding Planet Earth’s Key to Survival

There are more than 100,000 islands on Earth, all of which are responsible and indispensable for our survival. Home to the greatest reserve of biodiversity, islands house almost 20 per cent of the planet’s entire biodiversity.

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The world's tiny islands inspiring green action

Small island communities have often been pioneers for sustainability and climate action. Are they a snapshot of a greener future, or a distraction from bigger problems elsewhere?

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For tradition and nature on the Bijagós Islands, loss of one threatens the other

Communities in the Bijagós Islands off Guinea-Bissau have for generations maintained a close spiritual connection to nature that’s been credited with the archipelago remaining a biodiversity hotspot.

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Island conservationists identify key barriers to meeting biodiversity targets

The failure to meet global biodiversity targets clearly indicates the need for more effective biodiversity management and conservation efforts, and this in turn requires better understanding of the current barriers to success.

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The barriers to achieving island biodiversity targets

A study indicates the greater necessity for biodiversity conservation, analysing 33 barriers to reaching biodiversity targets and how nations are to better manage island ecosystems

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