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69th meeting of the CITES Standing Committee

27 November - 1 December 2017, Geneva, Switzerland


Twenty-third meeting of the Plants Committee (CITES)

22 - 27 July 2017, Geneva, Switzerland


Twenty-ninth meeting of the Animals Committee (CITES)

18 - 22 July 2017, Geneva, Switzerland

News Headlines

Rare crocodile eggs from endangered species called Siamese discovered in Cambodia

On Wednesday, the New York-based Wildlife Conservation Society said in a statement that its researchers along with Fisheries Administration employees and local residents spotted six eggs of the Siamese Crocodile in Sre Ambel District in the southern province of Koh Kong.

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Hen harrier plunges towards extinction in England

The hen harrier, an iconic bird of prey, is heading towards the brink of extinction in England, new figures suggest. There are just four breeding pairs left in England and numbers are declining elsewhere in the UK. Scotland is the traditional stronghold of these raptors, but numbers have fallen ...

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A parrot newly discovered in Mexico already faces extinction because of threats to its habitat, scientists have said.

The blue-winged Amazon was spotted by a travelling ornithologist in a remote region of the Yucatan peninsular in 2014. Experts writing in the journal PeerJ have now confirmed it is a previously undescribed species with a unique plumage colour and pattern and distinctive call. They also warned th ...

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Saving the Giant Wētā, the “God of Ugly Things”

Conservationists in New Zealand work to save the Mahoenui Giant Wētā, a native Endangered insect threatened by invasive rodents.

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On the March: As Polar Bears Retreat, Grizzlies Take New Territory

For all the publicity over discoveries of “pizzly” bear hybrids, new research suggests polar bears’ genetic purity isn’t threatened by crossbreeding with grizzlies. But that doesn’t mean polar bears aren’t in trouble.

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