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69th meeting of the CITES Standing Committee

27 November - 1 December 2017, Geneva, Switzerland

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Accidental deaths of endangered North Atlantic right whales threatening species’ survival

At least 12 whales have died since April — or about 2 per cent of the population — nearly all of them in the Gulf of St. Lawrence. The right whales are among the most imperilled marine mammals on Earth.

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On World Elephant Day, troubling times for African elephants (commentary)

Every year on August 12, the world celebrates elephants, but so far, 2017 is not a great one for these iconic animals. This photo essay comes via Mongabay's partnership with the Wildlife Conservation Society's Wild View blog.

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Keep elephant corridors open and allow India’s national heritage animal to survive, it’ll help the whole ecosystem

India has for thousands of years revered and worshipped all natural resources, flora and fauna. And the elephant has a special place in Indian mythology. We now live in an India that has 17% of the world’s population while occupying 2.61% of the world’s landmass, which we also share with 60% of ...

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How to Save the Bobcat – and Benefit Its Human Neighbors

It’s time to change the rules surrounding bobcat management across North America — for the sake of this beautiful wild cat, but also for the people who live amongst it. If hunting and trapping limits evolve to ensure bobcats are abundant enough to support not only sportsmen but ecotourism and ec ...

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Scientists hope to breed Asian ‘unicorns’ – if they can find them

Conservationists see only one hope for the saola: a risky captive breeding programme.

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Photographer Vincent Munier captures the endangered snow leopard

Wildlife photographer Vincent Munier has completed an ambitious project to document Tibet’s most endangered wildlife. In a bid to photograph this relatively unknown and unexplored region, Vincent travelled across high altitudes, freezing temperatures and rough terrains, equipped with a tent, war ...

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WATCH: The race is on to photograph endangered animals before they vanish

“RARE: Creatures of the Photo Ark” is a new PBS documentary that chronicles renowned National Geographic photographer Joel Sartore on his journey to archive portraits of some of the rarest animals on this planet.

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PH calls for protection of 5 endangered wildlife species

The Philippines has proposed the urgent protection of five migratory wildlife species, including the whale shark, locally called “butanding,” under a global treaty that addresses various threats to migratory species.

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