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More than half of shark species in Mediterranean at risk of extinction

A new IUCN report warns that urgent action is needed to preserve populations of cartilaginous fish, like sharks and rays, in the Mediterranean region.

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Over 50% of sharks and rays in the Mediterranean Sea are at risk of extinction

More than 50 percent of the sharks and rays native to the Mediterranean Sea are at a high risk of extinction, the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) announced Monday.

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Swallowing swimming pools: New sensory tags capture kinetics of lunge-feeding whales

Swimming 4 meters per second, a feeding blue whale swings open its jaws and, in four seconds, swallows 140 percent of its mass—a volume of water and krill the size of a big swimming pool or school bus.

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Australia Boosts Spending to Keep Great Barrier Reef off "in Danger" List

The money will help with issues like water quality and ecosystem health, but activists say it's not enough

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As Australian shipping grows, how can we avoid collisions with marine animals?

Australians also have a strong affinity with the ocean, as reflected in the growth in recreational boating and cruise shipping. But these numbers risk putting people on a collision course – literally – with whales, turtles and other marine life.

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There Is Life on a Dead Coral Reef

Even dead and dying reefs still provide essential habitats for some marine life.

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Great Barrier Reef suffered worst bleaching on record in 2016, report finds

Higher water temperatures in 2016 caused the worst destruction of corals ever recorded on Australia's Great Barrier Reef, a study has found.

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'Time to act': Damage to Great Barrier Reef worse than thought, surveys find

The government agency responsible for the Great Barrier Reef says urgent action is needed to save the world heritage site after yet-to-be-published surveys found the record coral bleaching damage earlier this year was even worse than initially thought.

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