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World Oceans Day 2017: "Our Oceans Our Future"

8 June 2017, New York, United States of America


World Water Day 2017: "Water and Wastewater"

22 March 2017, New York, United States of America

News Headlines

Government of Myanmar unveils new plan to protect marine wildlife and resources

The Government of Myanmar and WCS (Wildlife Conservation Society) announced today a comprehensive plan to protect the country's diverse fisheries and marine life—including dolphins, sea turtles, and other species—and other marine resources.

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Deep Oceans Face Starvation by End of Century

The deep ocean floor, Earth’s largest habitat, will be starved of food by the end of this century, scientists have warned.

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Sharks guardians of biodiversity: WA study

Over-hunting sharks is detrimental for fish at every level of the food chain, West Australian scientists have found.

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Deep sea life faces dark future due to warming and food shortage

New study reveals negative impact of climate change, human activity, acidification and deoxygenation on ocean and its creatures

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Manatee population rebounds: time to take it off the endangered species list?

A recent survey found a record 6,620 manatees in Florida, but opinion remains divided as to whether the species has truly made a comeback.


Fourth World Ocean Summit

22 - 24 February 2017, Bali, Indonesia

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