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Reminder and Extension of Deadline: Request for views and information on practical options to further enhance scientific methodologies and approaches for the description of areas meeting the EBSA criteria

Reference: SCBD/SAM/DC/JL/JA/JG/85006 (2015-136)
To: CBD National Focal Points and SBSTTA Focal Points; other Governments; relevant organizations; indigenous peoples and local communities

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Seaweed cultivation ushers waves of change in the Sundarbans

In Bengal's mangrove forests, the effects of climate change are forcing men to leave their families in search of work. But now, seaweed farming is offering the women left behind financial stability and empowerment.

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What's killing Hawaii's coral reefs? Aquariums, say some experts

The 50th state has announced the aquarium fishery trade can continue without further regulation, despite pleas from organizations and agencies to curb aquarium collecting for the reefs' sake.

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In the Caribbean, a stinking seaweed menace spurs invention

KINGSTON, Jamaica, Nov 17 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - An unwelcome visitor sailed onto Caribbean beaches this year: huge rafts of seaweed.

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El Nino sends rare tropical visitors to California waters

El Nino's warm currents have brought fish in an unexpected spectrum of shapes and colors from Mexican waters to the ocean off California's coast, thrilling scientists with the sight of bright tropical species and giving anglers the chance of a once-in-a-lifetime big catch.

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Flying under the radar: Seabirds hold the key to healthy fisheries

Seabirds are being severely threatened by fisheries, pollution and invasive species. Scientist and conservationalist Ross Wanless explains to DW why the birds of the sea could be pivotal for survival of the planet.

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Acidic Ocean Benefits 'Killer Algae,' Jellyfish

About a quarter of all the carbon dioxide pumped out by humans’ burning of fossil fuels goes into the oceans, and it's causing a nasty phenomenon called ocean acidification.

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