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World Maritime Day

30 September 2021, London, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

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Region of ‘Super Corals’ Discovered

In 2019, a hydrology professor at The University of Texas at Austin set out on a research project to see if he could identify harmful nutrients flowing through groundwater into a delicate coral reef sanctuary in the Philippines.

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Marine experts flag new Peru marine reserve that allows industrial fishing

When Peru declared the creation of the Nazca Ridge National Reserve in the country’s southern waters this past June, it also increased — in one fell swoop — the proportion of its maritime area under protection from less than 1% to nearly 8%. But the move has sparked an outcry from conservationis ...

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Manatee deaths in Florida point to a global decline in seagrass ecosystems

In July 2021, the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service announced that 866 West Indian manatees (Trichechus manatus) had died in the state of Florida in the first seven months of the year alone. The news shocked and saddened many Floridians, for whom the gentle, slow-moving mammal is a statewide mascot, ...

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In a First, Scientists Record Blue Whale Songs off the Lakshadweep Islands

One hot 2019 afternoon in Lakshadweep, as marine mammal scientist Divya Panicker sat engrossed in listening to recordings retrieved from underwater sound recorders, she came across low blue-whale moans amid the cacophony of a rooster crow.

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Underwater gardeners restore seagrass meadows to keep oceans healthy

A group of researchers is preparing to dive into the shallow waters of Dale Bay in Wales. They’re on a mission to monitor the restoration of the local species of seagrass, Zostera marina, also known as eelgrass, as part of a program spearheaded in 2014 by Project Seagrass, a U.K.-based charity t ...

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Venomous Snake Chasing You Through the Ocean Just Wants to Be Friends

Sea snakes are total nightmare fuel, but new research suggests their frequent “attacks” on scuba divers are in reality botched attempts to get lucky.

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