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Rwanda Opens State-Of-The-Art Eco-tourism Park In Kigali City

Nyandungu Eco-tourism is now opened for public and seeks to raise awareness on the conservation of Africa’s wildlife and nature. The facility was inaugurated by Rwanda’s Prime Minister, Dr. Ngirente, alongside Hailemariam Desalegn, Former Primer Minister of Ethiopia.

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Sun, sea, sustainability—could your next European holiday be a greener one?

With the tourism industry on a high bounce following the lifting of pandemic restrictions, many holiday-goers are looking for ways to travel more responsibly and sustainably. But the annual surge of visitors at resorts and destinations can create environmental headaches for people living in the ...

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Traditional communities rally behind ecotourism to conserve their forests

When she was a child, Cruz Ávila used to walk through the forest as part of her daily routine. She would pick wood or medicinal plants. She learned to find birds hidden in the branches and to identify the different trees. She also found that walking among the pines and listening to a waterfall i ...

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Parrots of the Caribbean: Birding tourism offers hope for threatened species

Four species of parrots endemic to Caribbean islands in the Lesser Antilles — St. Vincent, St. Lucia and Dominica — are clinging to existence amid a volley of hurricanes and volcanic eruptions that have decimated their populations and habitats.

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The Arctic's tricky quest for sustainable tourism

Home to polar bears, the midnight sun and the northern lights, a Norwegian archipelago perched high in the Arctic is trying to find a way to profit from its pristine wilderness without ruining it.

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‘It’s a struggle for survival’: why Kenya – and its wildlife – need tourists to return

Covid dealt a blow to tourism and the conservation funds it provides. But as visitors slowly return, the sector is looking for new ways to thrive

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Indigenous Experience Ontario lets the province’s staycationers enjoy nature and culture in one trip

Spring is near; COVID-19 might wind down eventually and the government of Ontario is doling out a rebate for vacationing in Ontario.

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Is there something to learn from Barbados?

Countries around the world are attempting to restart economic activities as covid19 is becoming more manageable. In the Caribbean, tourism, the region’s main economic driver is on the uptick as many visitors, especially from North America and Europe, are starting to travel.

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Podcast: Defending New Guinea’s forests with birds-of-paradise and ecotourism

The third episode in the New Guinea series of Mongabay Explores covers the island’s unique birds-of-paradise, and their symbolism as ambassadors for both the island’s beautiful landscape, and also the culture of the people who live there:

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Can ecotourism save Cambodia’s ‘ghost parks’?

In March 2021, Cambodia signed into law Sub-decree No. 30, which removed official protection from some 127,000 hectares of land formerly included in national parks, reserves and wildlife sanctuaries in Koh Kong province. Purportedly done to grant land rights to local communities, a 2021 Mongabay ...

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How international tourism and travel can be a pathway for introducing invasive species

Tourism is an important economic driver of the world's economy, providing a significant contribution to the income of many countries. However, tourism can also contribute to the introduction and spread of unwanted exotic organisms such as insect pests or weed seeds across countries.

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LATA to launch nature and biodiversity tourism push

The Latin American Travel Association is to concentrate 2022 marketing on biodiversity and animal tourism, aiming for a bigger slice of a market dominated by Africa.

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The social aspect of biodiversity reduction in Brazil

What most people ignore is that climate change is also a social issue, arising from unawareness of the human population about the impact of their activities. Biodiversity plays a key role in ecosystems and also services benefits to the tourism industry.

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Lockdown underscores Uganda’s overreliance on tourism to fund conservation

Tour guide Patrick Kataama relied heavily on income from leading gorilla-trekking tours in Uganda’s national parks. These tours were abruptly shut down in late March 2020, after the first COVID-19 cases were reported in Uganda and the country was placed under lockdown.

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Rebuild more sustainable tourism in mountains for people and the planet

The world’s mountains have long attracted visitors for their scenic beauty, sports opportunities and rich cultural heritage. And for many rural mountain communities, tourism is a lifeline. It can increase household incomes, enhance job opportunities and revitalise local traditions.

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Preah Sihanouk eyes underwater tourism

Preah Sihanouk province has set its sights on underwater tourism, as a new way to lure in national and international tourists, and open an ocean of rich biodiversity and scuba diving experiences to enthusiasts and beginners alike, according to tourism officials and experts.

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What makes Colombia the next ecotourism hotspot

Ecotourism is now seeing an upward trajectory and is poised to be a key growth sector as the country focuses its initiatives on sustainable tourism. The country is taking the lead in advocating responsible tourism as its natural landscape serves as a primary appeal.

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Birdwatching needs more investment to propel tourism: expert

“Home to tens of wetlands and lakes, Golestan hosts hundreds of thousands of migratory and native birds per annum. Though the province has considerable potential to be a hectic destination for bird-watchers, achieving this capacity of the neglected tourism industry requires more investment and p ...

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Conservation tourism in Africa brought to its knees by Covid-19 travel bans

It’s been over 20 months since the World Health Organization announced Covid-19 as a global health emergency and pandemic. It’s estimated that the resulting reductions in travel in 2020 alone wiped $4.5-trillion from the global tourism economy and cost millions of jobs.

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Egypt First in Region to Implement 'Green Fins' Initiative - Tourism Ministry

Egypt is the first state in the region and the 11th worldwide to implement the UN "Green Fins" initiative, adviser to the minister of tourism and antiquities for sustainable tourism Nashwa Talaat said on Sunday 17/10/2021.

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Conservation after coronavirus: We need to diversify and innovate (commentary)

The loss of the Mukambi River Pride lioness last June was sobering proof that the shock wave of COVID-19 had reached the heart and wildlife of Zambia’s Kafue National Park. All that remained of this once magnificent animal was her skin, pock-marked from spears and large rocks that had been hurle ...

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Feature: Seasonal wildflowers tourism in South Africa flourishing despite COVID-19

Andre Van der Nerwe from Johannesburg was strolling with his wife on a hiking trail lying across a stretch of land carpeted with wildflowers in Namaqua National Park's Skilpad section, which was in its annual flower season in late August.

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Piranhas and pink dolphins lure visitors to remote Lake Tarapoto

Pink dolphins, piranhas and black caiman. It sounds like the stuff of legend, but in fact they're the inhabitants of a protected wetlands system in the Amazon, home to thousands of rare animal species and fascinating tales of tribal gods turning men into dolphins.

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Costa Rica: a “Sanctuary Of Well-Being” and Nature Without Crowds

Costa Rica offers itself to the world as a “sanctuary of well-being”, endorsed by efficient sanitary protocols and based on sustainability and biodiversity without crowds, underlines the Minister of Tourism, Gustavo Segura. He explains that his country is open to all “international tourism”.

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Tourism and climate change threaten Lake Baikal, a unique global treasure

Lake Baikal in Eastern Siberia is one of the world’s natural wonders. Deeper than the Grand Canyon, older than the Amazon Rainforest, as voluminous as all the U.S. Great Lakes combined, Lake Baikal is home to more species than any other lake on Earth, many of which are found nowhere else. Baikal ...

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