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World Migratory Bird Day

8 October 2023, Bonn, Germany


World Migratory Bird Day

14 May 2023, Bonn, Germany


FAO Council (172nd Session)

24 - 28 April 2023, Rome, Italy


World Wildlife Day

3 March 2023, Geneva, Switzerland

News Headlines

Amazon deforestation threatens newly discovered fish species in Brazil

Smithsonian's National Museum of Natural History researcher Murilo Pastana and his colleagues have discovered and described two new species of Amazonian fish—one with striking red-orange fins and the other so small it is technically considered a miniature fish species—in a paper published today, ...

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'Extinct' orchid discovered hiding in plain sight

Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria, together with a team of scientists, have released a new scientific paper showing that the previously presumed extinct species called Prasophyllum morganii, commonly known as mignonette leek orchid, has in fact been hiding in plain sight.

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Six new wētā species found in New Zealand, as their habitat slowly disappears

Six new alpine species of New Zealand’s most unusual and beloved insect – the wētā – have been discovered, but it is a bittersweet victory, with another piece of research describing the threat global heating poses for their snowy mountain habitat.

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‘Prospect of existence’: Nameless grasshopper sparks taxonomic debate

What’s in a name? The curious case of a nameless grasshopper will tell you that there is more to a name than meets the eye.

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Chocolate frog? New burrowing frog species unearthed in Amazon’s rare peatlands

A photo of an odd-looking amphibian drew attention on Twitter last week, where it was described as a “smooth lil fella”, compared to a melted tootsie roll candy, and likened to the chocolate frogs from Harry Potter.

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Endangered, new to science orchid discovered in Ecuador with the help of a commercial nursery

An astounding new species of orchid has been discovered in the cloud rainforest of Northern Ecuador. Scientifically named Maxillaria anacatalina-portillae, the plant -- unique with its showy, intense yellow flowers -- was described by Polish orchidologists in collaboration with an Ecuadorian com ...

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New species of octocoral: The jewel of Caloundra

Queensland Museum scientists have re-described a species of bright blue octocorals that can only be found on Queensland's Sunshine Coast.

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One fish, two fish: New goby species from the Philippines just dropped

Serendipity underlies some of the greatest scientific discoveries. And it was certainly at play in 2015 when a team of biologists stopped off to relax at a popular waterfall on the Philippine island of Palawan after spending a long day surveying nearby streams to document the island’s freshwater ...

News Headlines

New species described in 2022

From a tree named after Leonardo DiCaprio to a bamboo-dwelling tarantula, discover some of the new species around the world that have been recently described by scientists.

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Ghostly monkey and crocodile newts among new Mekong area species

The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) conservation group has published a list of 224 newly discovered species from the greater Mekong region.

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Biologists discover new insect species

Its name sounds legendary, but the newly discovered insect Neuroterus (noo-ROH'-teh-rus) valhalla doesn't look or act the part. It's barely a millimeter long and spends 11 months of the year locked in a crypt.

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Scientists discover tarantula-killing worms: New parasite named after actor Jeff Daniels

Scientists have named a newly discovered species of worm that kills tarantulas after American actor, musician and producer Jeff Daniels, a distinction no other entertainer can claim.

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In untangling a taxonomic web, Sri Lankan researchers describe seven new jumping spiders

With two large eyes on a flat rectangular face, and six more eyes around the head, jumping spiders from the Salticidae family can look a bit alien, even by arachnid standards.

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New species of coral discovered in Scottish waters, shedding new light on deep sea biodiversity

The discovery of a new coral species in waters off the coast of Scotland has sparked new scientific excitement about the biodiversity of the deep sea.

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New rainfrog species discovered in Panama, named in honor of environmental activist Greta Thunberg

In 2018, Rainforest Trust celebrated its 30th anniversary by hosting an auction offering naming rights for some new-to-science species. The funds raised at the auction benefited the conservation of the newly recognized species. It is estimated that about 100 new species are discovered each year.

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Newly identified tree species named in honour of Leonardo DiCaprio

A tropical, evergreen tree from Cameroon, the first plant species to be named as new to science in 2022, has officially been labelled Uvariopsis dicaprio today in honour of the actor Leonardo DiCaprio. It adds to the list of the strange and spectacular plants that scientists have named in the pa ...

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