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SBSTTA Recommendation

. Topics for future work

Topics for future work

The Subsidiary Body on Scientific, Technical and Technological Advice,

Noting that the following topics were proposed as potential main themes for the eighth and subsequent meetings of the Conference of the Parties:

    (a) Restoration and rehabilitation of degraded ecosystems and recovery of rare and threatened species;

    (b) The importance of biodiversity for human health;

    (c) Importance of biosecurity in preserving biodiversity through the control of invasive alien species;

    (d) The role of biodiversity in natural disaster prevention and relief;

    (e) Island biodiversity; and

    (f) Biodiversity of urban and peri-urban areas,

  1. Invites Parties to provide to the Executive Secretary, by March 2002, comments on these possibilities, and/or additional suggestions, as appropriate, for inclusion in an information document to be made available to the Conference of the Parties at its sixth meeting;
  2. Invites the Conference of Parties, when considering its programme of work, to take into account these suggestions, as potential topics for in-depth discussion by the Conference of the Parties at its eighth and/or ninth meetings.