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Orphan Genetic Resources: Modalities for International Recognition of Benefit-sharing under Protocol Article 10 and the ABS CHM

United Nations University Institute of Advanced Studies & Jean Shannon & Associates Pty Ltd

Date and Time
7 June 2011 13:15 - 14:45

First Meeting of the Open-ended Ad Hoc Intergovernmental Committee for the Nagoya Protocol on ABS (ICNP 1)

Geoff Burton of the United Nations University will outline a proposal for a mechanism under Article 10 to enable benefit-sharing agreements for the utilization of genetic resources of unknown or transboundary origin to be internationally recognized as compliant with the Nagoya Protocol. Dr. Paul Oldham of Lancaster University and the United Nations University will demonstrate the ABS Patent Index as a cost effective monitoring tool under Article 13 of the Nagoya Protocol.