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Business and Biodiversity in Transition: 'Biodiversity in Good Company' as an example for creating business initiatives

'Biodiversity in Good Company' Initiative

Date and Time
19 October 2012 13:15 - 14:45

Eleventh meeting of the Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity (COP 11)

The topic of business and biodiversity is progressing all over the world. Different kinds of platforms, initiatives, organizations, and of course governments are striving to integrate the private sector in the implementation of the CBD goals and targets as well as national strategy plans for biodiversity. The initiative 'Biodiversity in Good Company' was one of the first initiatives worldwide organizing companies who are willing to commit themselves to the protection and sustainable use of biodiversity. The initiative was called into life already in 2008 by the German Federal Environment Ministry during the German CBD presidency at CoP 9 in Bonn – a role model mentioned in CoP 10 Decision X/21 on Business Engagement. When public funding terminated in 2011, dedicated and committed member companies transformed the former project into a business-run and company-driven independent and not-for-profit association, intent upon ensuring the continued and active pursuit of its goals. The network cooperates actively with the German Environment Ministry, EU Business and Biodiversity institutions, national Business and Biodiversity Initiatives, civil society and research institutes. It is dedicated to supporting the CBD Global Partnership for Business and Biodiversity. In presenting the re-launched 'Biodiversity in Good Company' Initiative at CoP 11, we will put a special emphasis on 1. cooperating with partners of the CBD global business and biodiversity partnership and 2. on companies’ activities in India as the hosting country of the conference. On the upcoming side event the Initiative would like: - To share experiences with other initiatives in initial stages and stakeholders on how to sustainably engage the private sector into the implementation of the CBD and national strategy plans for biodiversity; - Boost the commitment to the CBD Global Partnership for Business and Biodiversity; - Present the B&B activities and best practices from member companies, especially those that are active in India; - Open the panel for other B&B initiatives, e.g. IUCN 'Leaders for Nature' in India (under construction) or Canadian, Brazilian etc. initiatives, further B&B activities in different countries (e. g. TEEB India).