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  • Convention on Biological Diversity (1415)



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Statement by Ahmed Djoghlaf, Executive Secretary of the Convention on Biological Diversity, at the BIO International Convention , Boston, United States of America, 8 May, 2007

Here in Boston at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, paint that can kill influenza viruses and wipe out 99% of bacteria is being tested and could be used very soon in the hospitals. The same institute, in collaboration with the University of Hong Kong, has developed a nano liquid that can stop in fifteen seconds a cerebral hemorrhage and spinal injury. Researchers in Hong Kong have developed micro-wind turbines that generate electricity at wind speeds as low as 2 metres per second. Inspired by the structure of the lotus leaf, renowned for its ability to stay clean in a polluted environment, scientists at the Nees-Institut for Plant Biodiversity at the University of Bonn have created a “self-cleaning” paint. “Structure R” or R-MnO2 is being tested at the University of Tokyo and may in the near future produce artificial photosynthesis providing almost the same carbon dioxide absorptive capacity as natural forests.

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