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News Headlines

Scientists root for more cassava research to help meet greater demand for food

Global food demand is expected to grow by 110 per cent over the next 30 to 35 years, and for many of the poorest people on the planet, particularly in Sub-Saharan Africa, cassava is the most important source of calories.

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Sustainable food systems vital to achieving 2030 Agenda nutrition targets – UN Rome-based agencies

17 October 2016 – Opening its 43rd plenary session in Rome today in the wake of major global agreements on sustainable development and climate change, the main United Nations body focused on food security and nutrition, called for an urgent transformation of the world’s food system and nutrition ...

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Agriculture must transform to feed a hotter, more crowded planet, UN says on World Food Day

16 October 2016 – To mark World Food Day 2016, the United Nations is highlighting the close links between climate change, sustainable agriculture, and food and nutrition security, with the message: “The climate is changing. Food and agriculture must, too.”

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Use of strongest antibiotics rises to record levels on European farms

Medicines classified as ‘critically important in human medicine’ appear to be in frequent use, says European Medicines Agency

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Post-industrial agriculture: France's field-to-table approach to food

Finding the perfect harvest item from a local grower is one of the joys of strolling through a French market. But life isn't always easy for French farmers in the face of climate change and competition from agribusiness.

News Headlines

FAO introduces conservation agriculture to mitigate climate impacts

The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) Indonesia is piloting the development of conservation agriculture in East Nusa Tenggara (NTT) and West Nusa Tenggara (NTB), two eastern Indonesian provinces known for low rainfall.

News Headlines

New discovery may benefit farmers worldwide

Plant scientists have shown for the first time how an ancient crop teams up with a beneficial microbe to protect against a devastating fungal infection, a discovery that may benefit millions of subsistence farmers and livestock in developing countries.

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UN highlights agriculture's potential to help address climate change and antimicrobial resistance

26 September 2016 – The role of agriculture should go beyond just generating food to help address global challenges such as climate change and antimicrobial resistance, the head of United Nations agriculture agency stressed today.

News Headlines

Agricultural R&D is on the move

The geographical distribution of food and agricultural research and development (AgR&D) is changing.

News Headlines

Environmental impact of GM crops unveiled

NEW YORK: Widespread adoption of genetically modified crops has reduced the use of insecticides, but increased the use of herbicides as weeds become more resistant, according to the largest study of GM crops and pesticide use to date.

News Headlines

Ottawa's outdoor lab: A farm in the middle of the city

At a farm in the heart of Canada's capital, Ottawa, scientists are working to increase crop yields in an era of climate change and increased invasive pests. Among other things, they're turning insects against each other.

News Headlines

Our very existence depends on soil, so why is it not protected?

In the minds of many, soil is simply dirt, but without it we would all cease to exist. Unlike the water we drink and the air we breathe, soil is not protected in the EU and its quality is getting worse. This has to change, writes Balázs Horváth.

News Headlines

Beyond sushi wrap: Experts warn booming seaweed industry

A rising number of valuable uses being found for seaweed -- from food and fertilizer to pharmaceuticals and industrial gels -- is driving the rapid growth of an industry that could easily and needlessly drop into some of the same pitfalls previously experienced in both agriculture and fish farming.

News Headlines

It’s time to zero in on food waste

We need to think about how we produce food, what we consume and what we discard, writes Georgina Crouth.

News Headlines

Nurturing African Agriculture

Aug 24 2016 (IPS) - While agriculture could be the driving force to lift millions of Africans out of poverty and alleviate hunger, its full potential remains untapped.

News Headlines

Asia, Looking Beyond the Green Revolution

Aug 24 2016 (IPS) - More than 2.2 billion people in Asia rely on agriculture for their livelihoods, but the Asian Development Bank warns that stagnant and declining yields of major crops such as rice and wheat can be ultimately linked to declining investments in agriculture. Public investments i ...

News Headlines

Small Farms Are Feeding The World

Contrary to the popular belief, smallholder farms feed most of the world, not industrial-scale farming. Consider the following statistics.

News Headlines

To future-proof our crops from drought, look to the Australian deserts

It was in the mid-20th century when the American agricultural scientist Norman Borlaug showed us how to make wheat and rice stems shorter, to increase their yield. He's often referred to as the Father of the Green Revolution and his breakthrough meant food was suddenly more abundant across much ...

News Headlines

No gastronomy without biodiversity, says Slow Food founder

THE destruction of the world’s biodiversity was destroying humanity’s future, Carlo Petrini, the founder of the global Slow Food Movement, said in Johannesburg on Friday.

News Headlines

Agriculture and overuse greater threats to wildlife than climate change – study

Agriculture and the overexploitation of plants and animal species are significantly greater threats to biodiversity than climate change, new analysis shows.

News Headlines

Urban agriculture may be inefficient, but it’s a model for a sustainable future

It’s time we learned to embrace inefficiency. That may sound like heresy in a time when we are told that we must increase our competitiveness to become leaner, to increase productivity, to become more efficient to compete in the global marketplace.

News Headlines

Gov’t pursuing organic agriculture

The Government is pursuing the development of organic agriculture as part of the economic growth agenda.

News Headlines

Towards smarter crop plants to feed the world

Plant scientists have made an important advance in understanding the natural diversity of a key plant enzyme which could help us address the looming threat of global food security.

News Headlines

Fertilizer Access Grows Farmers, Food and Finance

LOUIS TRICHARDT, South Africa, Jul 26 2016 (IPS) - Brightly coloured cans, bags of fertilizer and packets containing all types of seeds catch the eye upon entering Nancy Khorommbi’s agro dealer shop tucked at the corner of a roadside service station.

News Headlines

Pests and drought hit Nigeria's tomato farms

Tomatoes are a staple food in Nigeria. From farmers in the northern states to traders across the country, many depend on the fruit for a living. But climate change and the tomato moth have hit the industry hard.

News Headlines

UN finds that greenhouse gases are increasing from agriculture

Among the findings of a new report is that 60 percent of human-induced nitrous oxide emissions—which have a global warming potential that is 300 times higher than CO2—come from agriculture.

News Headlines

Economic Recovery Needed To Enhance Food Security

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia, Jul 21 2016 (IPS) - After a half century of decline, agricultural commodity prices rose with oil prices in the 1970s, and again for a decade until 2014. Food prices rose sharply from the middle of the last decade, but have been declining since 2012, and especially since l ...

News Headlines

Developing highly drought-resistant crops

International research has found how plants, such as rice and wheat, sense and respond to extreme drought stress, in a breakthrough that could lead to the development of next-generation drought-proof crops.

News Headlines

Rewriting Africa’s Agricultural Narrative

ABIDJAN, Cote d'Ivoire, Jul 18 2016 (IPS) - Albert Kanga Azaguie no longer considers himself a smallholder farmer. By learning and monitoring the supply and demand value chains of one of the country’s staple crops, plantain (similar to bananas), Kanga ventured into off-season production to sell ...

News Headlines

Drought triggers 'austerity' root system in grass crops

Grass species of crops adopt an "austerity" strategy and limits the development of its root system during times of drought, a study has revealed.

News Headlines

Mobile phones help build climate resilience for Senegal's farming communities

Famers in Senegal have long used traditional techniques to predict rainfall. But with climate change, new methods are needed. Climatic information sent by text message is now helping to boost yields.

News Headlines

African farming sacrificed to European green politics, blocking GMO innovation

The recent decision by the European parliament to oppose the promotion of large-scale, intensive farming and the use of GM seeds in Africa has stirred a swift and negative reaction among African scientists and food security experts.

News Headlines

African hunger policy silent on climate risks

A deal aimed to double agricultural production and end hunger in Africa has underestimated the impact climate change will have on the continent’s food production, a report has found.

News Headlines

Fighting Thailand's drought with biodiversity

Thailand has been hit by one of the worst droughts in decades - with devastating effects on farmers. However, some small organic farms demonstrate that the key to surviving future droughts could be to embrace diversity.

News Headlines

Can Better Technology Lure Asia’s Youth Back to Farming?

MANILA, Jun 25 2016 (IPS) - Farming and agriculture may not seem cool to young people, but if they can learn the thrill of nurturing plants to produce food, and are provided with their favorite apps and communications software on agriculture, food insecurity will not be an issue, food and agricu ...

News Headlines

Aquaculture Meets Agriculture on Bangladesh’s Low-Lying Coast

BHOLA, Bangladesh, Jun 22 2016 (IPS) - A continuous influx of sea water is threatening agriculture and food security in vast coastal areas of Bangladesh, but farmers are finding ways to adapt, like cultivating fish and crops at the same time.

News Headlines

Climate-Proofing Agriculture Must Take Centre Stage in African Policy

KIGALI, Rwanda, Jun 14 2016 (IPS) - After over a year of extreme weather changes across the world, causing destruction to homes and lives, 2015-16 El Niño has now come to an end.

News Headlines

Growing reliance on foreign crops threatens diversity

Countries increasingly rely on introduced plants for food and need to cooperate to protect crop diversity, a study has found.

News Headlines

A switch to ecological farming will benefit health and environment – report

A new approach to farming is needed to safeguard human health and avoid rising air and water pollution, high greenhouse gas emissions and biodiversity loss, a group of 20 leading agronomists, health, nutrition and social scientists has concluded.

News Headlines

Nepali farmers fight to save indigenous seeds

When the indigenous Jumli Marsi variety of rice, grown in Nepal’s Jumla district, was hit by blast infection, farmers were forced to replace it with the Chandannath 1 and 3 hybrids that originate in China.

News Headlines

Unravelling the costs of rubber agriculture on biodiversity

Rubber plantations are a rapidly spreading agroecosystem in Southeast Asia and they are likely to have profound impacts on biodiversity due to the disruption of the natural landscape.

News Headlines

Uganda risk losing indigenous crops, scientists warn

Uganda could lose its indigenous crops in 10-years given the climate changes and the rampant pestilences affecting crops.

News Headlines

No Farmers, No Food — True But Not Enough

LUSAKA, May 6 2016 (IPS) - Agriculture is the primary sector of all economies. It is the sector responsible for granting food and nutrition security to all human beings. Consequently it is responsible for social stability and health. And it provides work opportunities to families, men, women and ...

News Headlines

World Farmers’ Organisation Meeting Eyes New Markets, Fresh Investment

LIVINGSTONE, Zambia, Apr 29 2016 (IPS) - ‘No Farmer, No Food’ is an old slogan that the Zambia National Farmers’ Union still uses. Some people consider it a cliché, but it could be regaining its place in history as agriculture is increasingly seen as the answer to a wide range of the world’s cri ...

News Headlines

Devastating wheat fungus appears in Asia for first time

Scientists race to determine origin of Bangladesh outbreak, which they warn could spread farther afield.

News Headlines

Brazil’s thriving soy industry threatens its forests and global climate targets

Brazil’s economy is teetering on the edge of collapse. The country’s political regime has been rocked by recent corruption scandals, and impeachment proceedings are encircling the nation’s leaders. And yet things couldn’t be much better for Brazil’s soybean farmers.

News Headlines

UN agency boosts efforts to detect and prevent spread of damaging wheat rusts

15 April 2016 – The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) said today it is expanding a partnership to inhibit the ongoing spread of wheat rusts, a group of fungal plant diseases that block the production of the staple grain and other crops, which is raising concern in Central As ...

News Headlines

Report shows how to say goodbye to harmful algal blooms

Harmful algal blooms dangerous to human health and the Lake Erie ecosystem--such as the one that shut down Toledo's water supply for two days in 2014--could become a problem of the past. Scientists have reported on approaches to reduce harmful algal blooms on Lake Erie.

News Headlines

Project promises hardy maize for Africa

A Mexican-African project to develop better and more climate-tolerant maize varieties using traditional breeding techniques has been launched

News Headlines

New hope for Europe's olive trees

European Union research has confirmed what has been wreaking havoc on olive trees in Italy and France - and points to a possible solution.

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