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News Headlines

Garden birds: Feeding brings blackcaps to the UK

Putting out birdfeed in Britain's gardens is shifting the migration of one particular winter visitor, the blackcap, scientists say.

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Bird flies 16,000-kilometre Pacific circuit for no clear reason

Who actually enjoys long-haul flights? One seabird seems to – the ancient murrelet. It travels almost 8000 kilometres across the north Pacific, then does the whole slog again in reverse, for no obvious benefit.

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Monarch butterfly studies tell a perplexing tale

Each summer, female monarch butter-flies flutter around their breeding grounds in northern North America in search of nectar, a mate, and a milkweed plant on which to lay eggs.

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Ottawa must stop threats to Wood Buffalo National Park

Our national parks do not exist in isolation. Air circulates, water flows, animals migrate and man-made pollution is indifferent to the boundaries it crosses, and the climate it alters, with effortless ease.

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Tiger sharks go south in winter, like birds and retirees

It turns out that tiger sharks are more like birds than fish when it comes to their migration patterns.

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Longest ever tiger shark tracking reveals remarkable, bird-like migrations

Tiger sharks are among the largest and most recognizable sharks on the planet, yet many of their habits remain mysterious because they are long-distance travelers that are hard to track.

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Canada, U.S. and Mexico sign deal to protect migratory bats

Canada has signed an agreement with the United States and Mexico to protect migratory bats.

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Gray whale makes record migration across North Pacific

A whale's journey across the Pacific Ocean is the longest recorded migration of any mammal, say scientists.

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Hunters win Malta bird referendum on shooting ban

Malta has narrowly rejected proposals to ban controversial spring hunting, during which migrating birds are shot before they can breed.

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Tiny songbird can fly the Atlantic, scientists confirm

A diminutive songbird weighing the equivalent of just three teaspoons of sugar can fly over the north Atlantic, scientists have said, resolving a 50-year mystery.

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Full-annual-cycle models track migratory bird populations throughout the year

Many birds spend only a few months of the year in their breeding range before leaving to spend the winter in another region or even on another continent, and models that only make use of data from one season may not paint a complete picture.

News Headlines

Asian songbird migrants in trouble

MIGRATORY songbirds in East Asia are in trouble, according to new research. The study calls for national action and international cooperation to deal with threats, as well as more monitoring and research to help understand and protect this unique migration system.

News Headlines

Don’t Fence the Jaguar Out

BOZEMAN, Mont. — IT was near the United States-Mexico border that we attracted the attention of the Mexican military. My scientific colleagues and I — American and Mexican — were there to conduct research on large carnivores when we were stopped by several officers with rifles slung over their s ...

News Headlines

Dhobab: Yemen’s bird sanctuary

The coastlines and islands of Bab Al-Mandeb (“Gateway of Anguish”)—a strait separating southwest Yemen from Djibouti and Eritrea, connecting the Red Sea with the Gulf of Aden—provides refuge for hundreds of thousands of migratory birds each year.

News Headlines

'Wild birds may spread flu virus'

Migratory birds may be spreading viruses that cause bird flu around the world, say scientists.

News Headlines

Monarch butterfly population rises a little, but still perilously low

The world's migrating monarch butterfly population has bounced back slightly from its record low last year, but the new numbers are still the second smallest on record.

News Headlines

Where to See Thousands of Monarch Butterflies

The species is being reviewed for potential addition to the Endangered Species list. Can tourism help save the butterfly?

News Headlines

Bar-headed geese enjoy roller-coaster ride over Himalayas

Following the contours of the mountain saves the birds precious energy, and also improves their chances of catching an updraft.

News Headlines

How well-intentioned Americans trying to save monarch butterflies may actually be destroying them

People love the monarch butterfly, with its beautiful orange and black wings and its endlessly intriguing migratory journey. But some may be loving it to death.

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US Bird Count Shows Climate Change Affecting Migration Patterns

MOUNT VERNON, VIRGINIA— Soon after daybreak just south of Washington in Virginia, a small group of bird watchers peers through binoculars, excited about seeing a variety of birds.

News Headlines

Hope for monarch butterfly after Mexican logging halted

When millions of monarch butterflies take to the sky and fly thousands of kilometres from the United States and southern Canada to Mexico, the view is breathtaking. But over the last few decades, their numbers have plummeted, and last year hit an all-time low.

News Headlines

Panama sets new raptor migration record

PANAMA CITY, Panama, Nov. 11 (UPI) -- More than two million raptors soared through skies above Panama City, circling and gliding as they made their way across the Central American capital as they complete the last leg of their 600-plus-mile journey from North to South America.

News Headlines

UN offers wider protections to 31 species of anim

QUITO, Ecuador, Nov. 10 (UPI) -- The conservation body of the United Nations has offered wider, stronger protection to 31 species of animals, including a variety of vulnerable birds, sharks and whales.

News Headlines

By killing off older fish, overfishing may lead to lost migratory patterns

Catching older fish may impact a school's ability to migrate from spawning grounds to feeding areas, according to a recent study published in the Journal of the Royal Society Interface.

News Headlines

Nagaland to protect world’s longest-distance migratory falcons

Kohima, Oct 27: India’s northeastern state of Nagaland is determined to provide sanctuary to Amar falcons, known to be one of the world’s longest-distance migratory birds as they travel up to a staggering 22,000 km a year.

News Headlines

Albania’s Coastal Wetlands: Killing Field for Migrating Birds

Millions of birds migrating between Africa and Europe are being illegally hunted on the Balkan Peninsula, with the most egregious poaching occurring in Albania. Conservationists and the European Commission are calling for an end to the carnage.

News Headlines

Britain's migrating birds are drastically declining, RSPB says

Nightingale and turtle dove among populations that have seen dramatic long-term fall in number, annual RSPB report says

News Headlines

Urine of tiny migrating marine animals affects ocean chemistry

Tiny animals migrating from the ocean's surface to the sunlit depths release ammonia, the equivalent of our urine, that plays a significant role in marine chemistry, particularly in low-oxygen zones.

News Headlines

Migrating monarchs are ‘buffer’ than the rest

New research traces the evolutionary origins of monarchs to North America, instead of South America as was previously hypothesized, and identifies a gene related to the butterfly’s distinctive orange-and-black appearance.

News Headlines

Migrating monarch butterflies spotted on weather radar

After an extremely small migration last year, some scientists worried the 3,000-mile monarch migration (though not the species itself) might be coming to an end.

News Headlines

Duck migration study reveals importance of conserving wetlands, researchers find

During the 2011 and 2012 migration seasons, University of Missouri researchers monitored mallard ducks with new remote satellite tracking technology, marking the first time ducks have been tracked closely during the entirety of their migration from Canada to the American Midwest and back

News Headlines

Habitat loss on breeding grounds cause of monarch decline, study finds

Habitat loss on breeding grounds in the United States -- not on wintering grounds in Mexico -- is the main cause of recent and projected population declines of migratory monarch butterflies in eastern North America, according to new research

News Headlines

Burchell's zebras trek 300 miles, longest migration in Africa

CHOBE RIVER, Namibia, May 27 (UPI) --The Burchell's zebra, a southern subspecies of the plains zebra, travel a total of 300 miles every year from Namibia to Botswana and back.

News Headlines

The invisible killer threatening millions of migrating birds

Every year, hundreds of millions of birds are killed or injured when they fly into windows. Volunteers who document the collisions are now calling for architects and landlords to make their buildings more bird friendly to reduce the number of deaths.

News Headlines

North American land birds migrate along three flyways

Birds fly hundreds of kilometres every night when they migrate south for winter. Now it seems all North American land birds use one of just three routes when they seek out the sun.

News Headlines

Turtle migration driven by hatchling drift experience

Why do turtles migrate to the places they do? What is it that tells them where to swim as adults?

News Headlines

Small birds capitalize on weather patterns during epic migrations

In one of the greatest feats of endurance in the biological world, millions of tiny songbirds -- many weighing less than an ounce -- migrate thousands of miles to Central and South America each year.

News Headlines

Important migratory corridor for endangered marine species off north-west Australia

The value of Australia's newly established network of marine parks has been highlighted by an international project that used satellites to track the vulnerable flatback sea turtle.

News Headlines

Malta criticised for mass shooting of migratory birds

A leading British naturalist has accused the Maltese authorities of failing to prevent large-scale illegal shooting of migratory birds by hunters.

News Headlines

Snowy owl sightings not a concern, experts say

MONTPELIER, Vt., April 13 (UPI) -- An increase in the number of snowy owl sightings in the United States shouldn't be a cause for concern, experts say.

News Headlines

Animals losing migratory routes? Devasting consequences of scarcity of 'knowledgeable elders'

Small changes in a population may lead to dramatic consequences, like the disappearance of the migratory route of a species.

News Headlines

Great white shark's epic ocean trek

A great white shark called Lydia is about to make history as the first of its species to be seen crossing from one side of the Atlantic to the other.

News Headlines

What the 3 Amigos should really talk about today: monarch butterflies

The magic of the monarch migration from Canada through the U.S. and on to Mexico (and then back north over multiple generations) continues to be in existential jeopardy.

News Headlines

UAE inks new shark protection agreement

Dubai: The UAE has signed a new agreement to protect migrating sharks as efforts continue against shark fin traffickers.

News Headlines

Shark cull: government in ‘clear breach’ of international obligations

Conservation group says Australia is violating the Convention on the Conservation of Migratory Species of Wild Animals

News Headlines

Migrating monarch butterflies hit shockingly low numbers

The monarch butterfly population overwintering in Mexico this year has hit its lowest numbers ever, according to WWF-Mexico.

News Headlines

Drought blamed for early migration of African wildebeest

NAIROBI, Kenya, Nov. 27 (UPI) -- Wildlife officials in Kenya say thousands of wildebeest have returned months early from Tanzania's Serengeti National Park, a move they say is rare.

News Headlines

How three Indian villages saved the Amur falcon

If it takes a village to raise a child, it takes several to save wildlife. In the eastern Indian state of Nagaland, three villages have done just that: working together to save the Amur falcon from mass slaughter. Also on board: governments, green groups and even the church.

News Headlines

An Albacore Tuna Tagged Off the Coast of Gipuzkoa Had Managed to Cover a Record Distance When Recaptured in Venezuela

Nov. 8, 2013 — 6,370 kilometres across the Atlantic Ocean. That is the vast distance, as the crow flies, which has been covered by an albacore tuna tagged and released into the sea off a Gipuzkoan locality, 20 km to the north of Donostia-San Sebastian in October 2006.

News Headlines

India moves rapidly to protect Amur falcons from mass-hunting

In October last year, an astounding mass hunting came to light—an estimated 120,000–140,000 Amur falcons were being hunted and killed in Nagaland, India, every year.

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