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News Headlines

Large-scale changes in insect species inhabiting streams and rivers

The frequencies of occurrence of hundreds of insect species inhabiting streams have been altered relative to the conditions that existed prior to wide spread pollution and habitat alteration, American scientists have discovered.

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Joy as China shelves plans to dam 'angry river'

Environmentalists in China are celebrating after controversial plans to build a series of giant hydroelectric dams on the country’s last free-flowing river were shelved.

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Seasonal wetlands face uncertain future

Seasonal wetlands - ecologically important habitats that become visible during rainy seasons - are facing an uncertain future, warn scientists.These ephemeral ecosystems support unique flora and fauna species that do not occur in permanent wetlands.

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King's favourite fish to make comeback in River Severn project

A scheme that aims to re-establish one of King Henry III's favourite fish in the River Severn has been given nearly £20m in funding.

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Scientists find link between tropical storms, decline of river deltas

Research by the University of Southampton shows that a change in the patterns of tropical storms is threatening the future of the Mekong River delta in Vietnam, indicating a similar risk to other deltas around the world.

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Lakes in community hands spur gains for people and fish

The arapaima (Arapaima gigas) is the largest freshwater scaled fish in the world, topping out at 2.75 meters (9 feet) and weighing up to 200 kilograms (440 pounds) – at least, those are the largest ones we’ve recorded in the muddy waters of the Amazon Basin.

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Peru investigates death of 10,000 Titicaca water frogs

Peru's environmental agency is investigating the deaths of some 10,000 frogs whose bodies have been found in a river in the south of the country.

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A plan to save the Mekong Delta

“I think this year Vietnam got a taste of the new normal,” said Dinh Tuyen, my journalist friend in bustling Can Tho, the Mekong Delta’s hub city. “Less fresh water from rains or from up the river, and more salt water as sea levels rise.”

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'Let mangroves recover' to protect coasts

In Indonesia, a Wetlands International project uses permeable dams to restore sediment needed for the trees to grow. The charity says early results suggest "ecological restoration" is more effective than planting programmes.

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The Ganga's Missing Dolphins

The sun is riding high by the time we polish off a plate of puris and parval bhaji topped with a sickly-sweet, thickly curled jalebi.

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Back to Basics: Saving Water the Old-Fashioned Way

Across the world, communities are reviving old ways of saving or storing water--with promising results.

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Glacier retreat upsets river species balance

As global warming causes glaciers to melt, rivers lose their diversity of plants and animals at an alarming rate, scientists warn.

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Managing an endangered river across the US-Mexico border

The Rio Grande (called Rio Bravo in Mexico) is the lifeline to an expansive desert in the southwest USA and northern Mexico.

News Headlines

Glacier retreat upsets river species balance

As global warming causes glaciers to melt, rivers lose their diversity of plants and animals at an alarming rate, scientists warn.

News Headlines

The Nile Project: Resolving conflict into harmony

The Nile flows through 11 African nations and serves as key source of freshwater - but sharing this resource is politically tricky. A unique project works to resolve conflicts and promote sustainable use - through music.

News Headlines

Dam good! Beavers may restore imperiled streams, fish populations

Using a first-of-its-kind, watershed-scale experiment, researchers demonstrate beaver dam analogs in the Bridge Creek Watershed of north central Oregon's John Day Basin foster natural beaver activity, which benefits the area's threatened steelhead trout population.

News Headlines

Why river floodplains are key to preserving nature and biodiversity in the western US

Although they may not commonly be viewed as hotspots for biodiversity, gravel-bed river floodplains are by far the most important feature for nature across the landscapes of western North America.

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India to 'divert rivers' to tackle drought

India is set to divert water from its rivers to deal with a severe drought, a senior minister has told the BBC.

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Keeping Amazon fish connected is key to their conservation

Imagine a fish isolated in an Amazonian lake — part of the vast freshwater ecosystem of the Amazon basin, an ever-changing network of rivers, lakes and floodplains that extends to 1 million square kilometers (386,102 square miles).

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Saving Iran's Precious Lake Urmia

Iranian botanist Hossein Akhani wants to save this ecological treasure before it vanishes entirely

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Scientists discover new reef system at mouth of Amazon River

As large rivers empty into the world's oceans in areas known as plumes, they typically create gaps in the reef distribution along the tropical shelves--something that makes finding a reef in the Amazon River plume an unexpected discovery.

News Headlines

Study: Crayfish may help restore dirty streams

AVONDALE, Pa., April 21 (UPI) -- A pair of researchers were trying to measure the effects of crayfish in small stream ecosystems. During their experiments, they happened upon a surprising result -- one that suggests the presence of crayfish is beneficial to a stream's health.

News Headlines

Tree planting 'can reduce flooding'

Planting trees around rivers could reduce the height of flooding in towns by up to 20%, new research suggests.

News Headlines

Many of world’s lakes are vanishing and some may be gone forever

Bolivia’s second largest lake has vanished into thin air. In December, Lake Poopó became a dry salt pan and its largest lake – Lake Titicaca – is heading towards trouble, too.

News Headlines

Scientists warn of the dangers of salt pollution of freshwaters if preventive measures are not taken

A new article warns of the dangers of increasing water salinity for human health and freshwater ecosystems (rivers, lakes, etc.) and the economic cost arising from a lack of public policies to tackle this problem.

News Headlines

Government approves plans to improve water quality of rivers in England

Eight river basin management plans will be inadequate to meet EU water pollution targets by 2021, says the ENDS Report

News Headlines

Beavers a boon for Scottish environment

STIRLING, Scotland, Feb. 16 (UPI) -- In Scotland, beavers are better than no beavers -- at least for the environmental health.

News Headlines

Bolivia's second-largest lake has disappeared

Once upon a time, it was Bolivia's second-largest lake. Today, it has all but vanished. New satellite images have confirmed this. The disappearance of Lake Poopó has dramatic consequences for wildlife - and people.

News Headlines

Requiem for a river

GUO, the driver, pulls his car to a merciful halt high above a crevasse: time for a cigarette, and after seven hours of shuddering along narrow, twisting roads, time for his passengers to check that their fillings remain in place.

News Headlines

Spanish water rights fight raises fears for Ebro delta

Environmentalists say one of Europe's most important wetland areas is under threat as Spain and Catalonia argue about the future of the Ebro river.

News Headlines

Spanish water rights fight raises fears for Ebro delta

Environmentalists say one of Europe's most important wetland areas is under threat as Spain and Catalonia argue about the future of the Ebro river.

News Headlines

Running dry

Feb 3, 2016- Yesterday, on the occasion of the World Wetlands Day (WWD), the nine-lake cluster of the Pokhara Valley—Phewa, Begnas, Rupa, Dipang, Gunde, Madi, Neurani, Kamal and Khaste—were formally listed on the acclaimed Ramsar Sites. February 2 marks the date of the adoption of the Convention ...

News Headlines

Diminishing wetlands

Feb 2, 2016- Today the world marks the World Wetland Day. Since 1997 this day has been marked to increase public awareness to protect and conserve wetlands.

News Headlines

World Wetlands Day 2016: Satellite images offer fascinating look at Earth's most precious resource – water

World Wetlands Day is celebrated every year on 2 February, the date in 1971 that the Convention on Wetlands was adopted in the Iranian city of Ramsar. Wetlands are areas of land that are permanently or seasonally saturated with water. They are vital environments for their often unique plant and ...

News Headlines

Wetlands important to local economy

The Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) on Monday called for greater commitment to protecting wetlands, which serve as a critical source not only of biodiversity but also sustainable livelihood for local communities.

News Headlines

Conserving the world’s rarest fish may mean letting it die out

The Devil’s Hole pupfish – claimed to be the rarest fish known – isn’t what we thought.

News Headlines

Large dams threaten third of freshwater fish

A third of the world’s freshwater fish are at risk due to dams on three large rivers, researchers warn, calling for more rigorous construction planning to prevent biodiversity and socioeconomic losses.

News Headlines

Global browning: Why the world’s fresh water is getting murkier

Your local lake or river is probably becoming muddier, which is bad news for fish and for our efforts to solve environmental problems

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Dam projects on world's largest rivers threaten fish species, rural livelihoods

Advocates of huge hydroelectric dam projects on the Amazon, Congo, and Mekong river basins often overestimate economic benefits and underestimate far-reaching effects on biodiversity, according to a new article.

News Headlines

The status quo on Europe's mussels

Mussels are the natural treatment plants of bodies of water and, therefore, just as important as bees. Unfortunately, they are equally threatened: most of the world's mussel stocks are in decline and some species face extinction.

News Headlines

A prescription to protect 'the Earth's kidneys'

Beijing has poured investment into its wetlands, and the past decade's protection and restoration efforts are paying off. That's not only in terms of healthier wetlands but also by raising awareness about environmental protection, and crafting a successful balance of preservation and ecotourism. ...

News Headlines

Lakes warm worldwide

Temperature rise outpaces warming of atmosphere, and threatens aquatic ecosystems.

News Headlines

Why one lake contains more than 1000 species of the same fish

The poster child for evolution may have finally revealed its secret. More than 1000 closely related but different species of cichlid fish live in Lake Malawi in south-east Africa – more than in any other lake in the world.

News Headlines

Coexistence in the river delta

At the border between Togo and Benin, coexistence between people and animals hasn't been easy. A new biosphere reserve is helping.

News Headlines

Piping plovers losing breeding habitat to wetland drainage

Piping plovers, a federally threatened species of shorebirds, are likely losing wetland breeding habitat in the Great Plains as a result of wetland drainage, climate change or both.

News Headlines

Storks, apps and wild horses: protecting Austria's wetlands

Wetlands store large amounts of carbon and thus help to protect climate - but large areas are being lost to industry and agriculture. Austria is trying to change that - and is finding novel ways to protect its wetlands.

News Headlines

Kenya's delicate Lake Nakuru under pressure from growing population

Lake Nakuru in Kenya is home to some of the world's most majestic wildlife: lions, rhinos, zebras and hundreds of bird species - including flamingos that famously blush the water pink when they gather in numbers

News Headlines

Older than the dinosaurs: Lamprey fish return to UK rivers after 200 years

An ancient fish blamed for the death of a king and served as a traditional royal dish is returning to parts of Britain where it has been absent for 200 years.

News Headlines

A diamond in the marsh: Saving the Lake Alaotra Gentle Lemur

Climb into a canoe at dawn, paddle into the reed beds of Madagascar’s largest wetland, and with luck you could see a unique primate: the Alaotra Gentle Lemur (Hapalemur alaotrensis).

News Headlines

Marine mammals thriving in Thames

Ten years of public sightings show that large marine mammals are regularly found in the River Thames.

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