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News Headlines

Piping plovers losing breeding habitat to wetland drainage

Piping plovers, a federally threatened species of shorebirds, are likely losing wetland breeding habitat in the Great Plains as a result of wetland drainage, climate change or both.

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Storks, apps and wild horses: protecting Austria's wetlands

Wetlands store large amounts of carbon and thus help to protect climate - but large areas are being lost to industry and agriculture. Austria is trying to change that - and is finding novel ways to protect its wetlands.

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Kenya's delicate Lake Nakuru under pressure from growing population

Lake Nakuru in Kenya is home to some of the world's most majestic wildlife: lions, rhinos, zebras and hundreds of bird species - including flamingos that famously blush the water pink when they gather in numbers

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Older than the dinosaurs: Lamprey fish return to UK rivers after 200 years

An ancient fish blamed for the death of a king and served as a traditional royal dish is returning to parts of Britain where it has been absent for 200 years.

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A diamond in the marsh: Saving the Lake Alaotra Gentle Lemur

Climb into a canoe at dawn, paddle into the reed beds of Madagascar’s largest wetland, and with luck you could see a unique primate: the Alaotra Gentle Lemur (Hapalemur alaotrensis).

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Marine mammals thriving in Thames

Ten years of public sightings show that large marine mammals are regularly found in the River Thames.

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Significant breath from streams, rivers

Running streams are key sources of the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide, but why is it so? An international team of researchers has now published the answer.

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India conducts first official survey of Ganges dolphins

The conservation of dolphins in India’s holiest, but most polluted waterway, is under the spotlight as the country conducts its first official count of the freshwater species.

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Past water patterns drive present wading bird numbers

Wading bird numbers in the Florida Everglades are driven by water patterns that play out over multiple years according to a new study by the U.S. Geological Survey and Florida Atlantic University.

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Boreal peatlands not a global warming time bomb

To some scientists studying climate change, boreal peatlands are considered a potential ticking time bomb.

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California’s largest lake is slipping away amid an epic drought

ALONG THE SALTON SEA, CALIF. — The bone-dry lake bed burned crystalline and white in the midday sun. Ecologist Bruce Wilcox hopped out of his truck and bent down to scoop up a handful of the gleaming, crusty soil.

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Protecting South America's iconic golden dorado fish

A new study launched this month by University of Massachusetts Amherst fisheries biologist Andy J. Danylchuk, in collaboration with Argentina's Ministry of Environment and regional partners including Juramento Fly Fishing, Tigres del Rio, Fish Simply, and Patagonia Inc., is the first to assess t ...

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How rivers regulate global carbon cycle

River transport of carbon to the ocean is not on a scale that will solve our carbon dioxide problem, but we haven't known how much carbon the world's rivers routinely flush into the ocean, until now.

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England's water voles in desperate decline

English waterways could lose one of their most charismatic and once widespread residents as water voles succumb to the invasive American mink, records released by the Canal and River Trust show.

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Report lists Grand Canyon's Colorado River as most imperiled

TUSAYAN, Ariz., April 7 (UPI) -- According to conservation outfit American Rivers, the section of the Colorado River flowing through the Grand Canyon is most endangered freshwater way in the United States.

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A dammed future for Danube's giant fish?

The huchen - or Danube salmon - was once widespread throughout the Danube basin. But its natural habitat is shrinking as rivers are channeled for shipping and dammed for hydroelectricity.

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Saving India’s iconic river Ganga

The Ganga is India's most important and iconic river. It flows down from its glacial source in the high Himalayas to course through five states in the northern plains before draining into the swirling waters of the Bay of Bengal through the Sunderbans delta, the largest mangrove system in the world

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River health revealed in 'shocking' figures

Just 17% of England's rivers are judged to be in good health, according to Environment Agency figures.

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Where are the hotspots of plant diversity along boreal streams?

The patterns of plant species diversity along Swedish boreal streams are closely linked to flow of surface and sub-surface water.

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The world's largest freshwater lake is shrinking

ST. PETERSBURG, Russia (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – In Russia’s Siberian south, near the border of Mongolia, the world’s largest freshwater lake is shrinking.

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Safeguarding Africa’s Wetlands a Daunting Task

HARARE, Mar 12 2015 (IPS) - African wetlands are among the most biologically diverse ecosystems on the continent, covering more than 131 million hectares, according to the Senegalese-based Wetlands International Africa (WIA).

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Red Sea water may not save drying Dead Sea

The Dead Sea could dry up by 2050. Israel and Jordan are planning to develop a pipeline from the neighboring Red Sea to solve the problem - but could this make the situation for the Dead Sea worse?

News Headlines

Beavers on verge of living wild in England after being confirmed free of disease

First beaver colony to live free in England for centuries should be able to stay on Devon’s River Otter after being tested as clear of Echinococcus multilocularis

News Headlines

Europe sounds alarm over freshwater pollution

Around half of Europe’s rivers and lakes are still polluted, a major environmental review has found, despite a 15-year-old target to restore all the continent’s waters to good ecological health by 2015.

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Biologists hunt for traces of DNA in rivers to help track elusive or invasive species

BELLEVUE, Wash. (AP) — When salmon, salamanders or other aquatic animals poop or shed skin cells, they leave behind traces of their DNA in the water, like clues left behind at a crime scene.

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Lake Tahoe research provides new insights on global change

A study on how natural and human-made sources of nitrogen are recycled through the Lake Tahoe ecosystem provides new information on how global change may affect the iconic blue lake.

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Aquatic plant has tiny genome but lots and lots of genes

BUFFALO, N.Y., Feb. 24 (UPI) -- Bladderworts are a genus of carnivorous plants that prefer freshwater environs or very wet soils. And as a new study finds, at least one bladderwort variety -- in terms of genomics, anyways -- does more with less.

News Headlines

Thames study: Rivers can be a major source antibiotic resistance

Rivers and streams could be a major source of antibiotic resistance in the environment. A new study found that greater numbers of resistant bacteria exist close to some waste water treatment works, and that these plants are likely to be responsible for at least half of the increase observed.

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Aerial monitors shed light on reed die-back around Central Europe's largest lake

Researchers from the University of Leicester and the Hungarian Academy of Sciences have discovered a way to map 'reed die-back' using satellites and aircraft.

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Ramsar site that even migratory birds shun

KAPURTHALA: Not only has least diversity in bird species been observed at Kanjhli - the smallest Ramsar site of Punjab - but the wetland has been found to be in a bad shape during the recent Asian Water-bird Census (AWC).

News Headlines

UN agency urges greater protections for ‘inland fisheries’ – a key source of global nutrition

29 January 2015 – The world's network of lakes, rivers and streams that provide fish and fresh drinking water to millions of people must be better managed in order to safeguard their ongoing contribution to healthy diets and the global economy, the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organizatio ...

News Headlines

Scientists puzzled, worried by rapid draining of Greenland lakes

COLUMBUS, Ohio, Jan. 22 (UPI) -- Two subglacial Greenland lakes thought to be stable -- pockets of icy water accumulated over many years -- are now gone, drained in a matter of weeks. And scientists aren't exactly sure why or what it means.

News Headlines

Lake Tahoe's tiny creatures dying off at dramatic rate: scientist

(Reuters) - The smallest critters who occupy the bottom of the cold, clear waters of Lake Tahoe are dying off at an alarming rate and scientists are trying to find the cause to protect the fragile ecosystem of the lake high in the Sierra

News Headlines

Protecting Wetland

Despite conservation efforts, China's wetland has shrunk in the past decade, which calls for national action

News Headlines

Great Lakes struggling with invisible threat of plastic microfibre pollution

Tiny synthetic fibres from clothes, cleaning cloths and consumer products are getting stuck inside fish in ways that other microplastics are not.

News Headlines

Canal could turn Lake Nicaragua into ‘dead zone’

[SANTIAGO] The Interoceanic Canal that will run through Lake Nicaragua could kill life in the vast lake and have other serious effects on the country’s environment and economy unless safeguards are put in place, an independent international panel of experts has warned.

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Canada's acidic lakes are becoming 'jellified'

CAMBRIDGE, England, Nov. 19 (UPI) -- The acidification of lakes in Canada in recent decades, caused mostly by industrial pollution, is pushing freshwater habitat into "an entirely new ecological state," researchers say

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Rivers recover natural conditions quickly following dam removal

A study of the removal of two dams in Oregon suggests that rivers can return surprisingly fast to a condition close to their natural state, both physically and biologically, and that the biological recovery might outpace the physical recovery. In the end, the large pulse of sediment from dam rem ...

News Headlines

Dams versus rivers - the global battle

A new 'State of the World's Rivers' database shows how the world's rivers have been impoverished by dams and their ecosystems devastated - and provides a valuable resource to help save river basins that remain in good health.

News Headlines

Madagascar pochard, world's rarest bird, needs new home

The Madagascar pochard, the world's rarest bird, will not be able to thrive without a new wetland home. This is according to a study revealing that 96% of the chicks are dying at two to three weeks old. Conservationists say that human activity has driven the birds to one remaining wetland, but t ...

News Headlines

China Focus: Shrinking wetlands highlight need for legal protection

BEIJING, Aug. 14 (Xinhua) -- The battle for the country's wetlands rages in China as farmers eager to boost meager incomes butt heads with government initiatives to preserve biodiversity.

News Headlines

Turning the material choking Russian rivers into sustainable water technology

Science turns legacy of poor Soviet agricultural practices into opportunities for purification, better irrigation and healthier rivers

News Headlines

Fish-eating spiders 'widespread'

Scientists have discovered that a number of spider species catch and eat fish.

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Mekong River region named global biodiversity hotspot by WWF after 367 new species are discovered in two years

A skydiving gecko, a fish with genitals in its head and a cave-dwelling spider that has lost its eyes are among the 367 new species that have been discovered in the Greater Mekong region of South East Asia over the past two years, according to the WWF wildlife charity.

News Headlines

The most polluted rivers and streams in Europe

Europe's rivers are awash with organic chemicals that can kill or subtly harm aquatic life, according to the most extensive survey yet of pollution in the continent's major river basins.

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Britain's urban rivers cleanest in 20 years

Scientists have found that Britain’s urban rivers are the cleanest they’ve been in over two decades.

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History shows that parched Aral Sea can be restored

In less than a century, humanity destroyed the Aral Sea. It is one of the most emblematic environmental disasters. But now it seems the sea has collapsed at least twice before, and recovered both times.

News Headlines

'Rock Snot' Has Been Native to Much of the World for Thousands of Years

A type of freshwater algae, known as "rock snot," that infiltrates river bottoms and clumps on rocks is not an invasive species introduced into waterways by humans, a new study finds.

News Headlines

America's Most Endangered River: San Joaquin in California

As California's San Joaquin River meanders down from the Sierra Nevada across the Central Valley toward the San Francisco Bay, it loses water to farms and communities along the way. Now, amid drought, a national river conservation agency is calling on California to manage the San Joaquin's much- ...

News Headlines

Europe dams its last wild rivers

Europe intends to slice through its last wild rivers with a series of dams. The new hydropower stations will deliver much-needed power to the region, but may also change the face of the Balkans forever.

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