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Deforested habitats leave migratory birds ill-prepared for journey north

To many in North America, the sound of birds among the early spring trees is the sound of renewal: after a long, cold winter, the colorful warblers and vocal thrushes have finally returned, bringing with them the promise of warming weather. It’s a seasonal phenomenon as old as time — but one tha ...

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Human pressure on the Serengeti’s fringes threatens the wildlife within

Every year, millions of wildebeests, gazelles and zebras migrate between Serengeti National Park in Tanzania and Maasai Mara National Reserve in Kenya, in one of the most iconic wildlife shows on the planet.

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Ramsar wetlands host record number of migratory birds

An annual bird migratory survey of the region's Ramsar wetlands has recorded the highest numbers since the program began back in 2006.

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Mansarovar Lake losing foreign guests

Mansarovar Lake in the periphery of Sariska Tiger Reserve,Alwar is fast losing its foreign guests with every passing winter due to indiscriminate draining of water for the irrigating agricultural land in the nearby villages.

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Study finds two billion birds migrate over Gulf Coast

A new study combining data from citizen scientists and weather radar stations is providing detailed insights into spring bird migration along the Gulf of Mexico and how these journeys may be affected by climate change. Findings on the timing, location, and intensity of these bird movements are p ...

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Female penguins are getting stranded along the South American coast

Every year, thousands of Magellanic penguins are stranded along the South American coast—from northern Argentina to southern Brazil—1,000 kilometers away from their breeding ground in northern Patagonia.

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Multicultural creatures of habit: Long-term study reveals migratory patterns of bats

Every year, trillions of animals migrate for thousands of kilometres between their summer and winter habitats. Among them are several species of bats whose journeys in the dark of the night unfold largely unnoticed by humans and have only partially been investigated by science. A reconstruction ...

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Over 25,000 birds arrive at Okhla Bird Sanctuary

The Okhla Bird Sanctuary is truly a birdwatcher’s delight this year, teeming with a large variety of migratory birds after several years. Officials said that the number of birds has already surpassed the records seen in the past few years.

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Hope takes wing as Manipur prepares to establish its first bird sanctuary

Of the thousands of migratory birds that have landed this winter at Loktak Lake, in Manipur in northeast India, the rare sighting of a once-abundant songbird with distinctive bright yellow underparts holds a different meaning for birders.

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