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Citizen Science Effort Highlights How Little We Know About Invisible Life in Our Own Homes

In a new paper, scientists are announcing the discovery of thousands of unidentified species living in and around homes in the United States. The work relied on advanced technologies and scientific expertise from multiple disciplines, but none of it would have been possible without one critical ...

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New finds during a biodiversity research trip in Malaita jungles

Three students and one professor from the University of Kansas, USA, arrived in Honiara the first week of June and prepared for an adventure into the Solomon Island bush. The research team, led by Dr. Robert G. Moyle, came to the islands to conduct a biodiversity survey of Malaita.

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University of Alberta researchers lead global biodiversity study

Five University of Alberta researchers recently led a global project to identify a connection between grassland plant variety and productivity. One of the researchers, the University of Alberta’s Dr. Edward Bork, said if the goal of the project is confusing to some, the findings might make more ...

News Headlines

Investing in science can be "the game changer" for development- experts

Investing up to 3.5 percent of a nation's gross domestic product (GDP) in science, technology and innovation can be "the game changer" for development, leading experts said on Thursday.

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The role of species competition in biodiversity

Over long spans, biodiversity is a fluid and shifting balance of species and influences. Species diversification occurs in response to a host of complex factors, both biotic and abiotic, and understanding them is a major challenge of evolutionary biology.

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Nature pitched as source of innovation in poor countries

Scientists in developing countries should look for inspiration in their unique environments instead of trying to replicate European and US methods, a meeting at the United Kingdom’s Royal Society has heard.

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