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Fighting Against Climate Vagaries, Bengal Farmers Practice Conservation

Going against the general preference for HYV rice, some marginal farmers in Bankura have started conserving, documenting and propagating traditional varieties.

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Finance for a farming revolution

To reduce greenhouse gas emissions, clean up water supplies, prevent the loss of biodiversity, mitigate fire and flood risk and meet the nutritional requirements of a growing population the world must improve its regenerative and sustainable agricultural practices – new tools and support from th ...

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Five issues to resolve before we can trade natural capital

An extraordinary opportunity is emerging in the form of natural capital markets, but five main challenges have to be overcome before responsible trading schemes can be launched, according to one sustainability expert.

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Floating farms, salt-resistant rice: Bangladeshis adapt to survive

Rising sea levels and violent flooding are already putting tens of millions of lives at risk in Bangladesh, but they bring another problem that threatens the entire nation: Water-logged land and high salinity in streams and soil are killing crops.


Foire Agri-Culture Internationale

24 August - 2 September 2006, Kpalime, Togo

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Food + Culture = Future

Humankind’s collective agricultural heritage has fed the world for thousands of years, but is now increasingly threatened by accelerating global trends, causing severe damage to the planet’s resource base. Answers to this critical situation can be found in this same agricultural heritage, a sour ...

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Food Experts’ Expectations for Global Food Systems Transformation

Dubbed ‘the People’s Summit, the United Nations Food Systems Summit (UNFSS) hopes to put the world back on a path to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030, through food systems overhauling. From the tempered to the extremely optimistic, experts in various food system sectors share th ...

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Food finally features in the climate debate. Now what?

After years of neglect, agriculture finally found a place in the climate talks in 2017. Its absence during the lifespan of the United Nations negotiations on climate change was always conspicuous.

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Food system impacts on biodiversity loss: Three levers for food system transformation in support of nature

Biodiversity loss is accelerating around the world. The global rate of species extinction today is orders of magnitude higher than the average rate over the past 10 million years.

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Food systems on the edge

The COVID-19 pandemic has ruthlessly exposed the global food system's deficiencies, and a massive escalating hunger crisis now looms. A quarter of humanity lacks secure access to food, with one in 10 people affected by severe food insecurity, and up to 811 million people hungry. Another quarter ...

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Food systems transformation a ‘silver lining’ in COVID crisis: UN deputy chief

More than 500 delegates from 108 countries attended in-person, while thousands more joined virtually. Participants included government officials, smallholder farmers, producers, indigenous people, women and youth.

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Food systems: seven priorities to end hunger and protect the planet

The world’s food system is in disarray. One in ten people is undernourished. One in four is overweight. More than one-third of the world’s population cannot afford a healthy diet. Food supplies are disrupted by heatwaves, floods, droughts and wars. The number of people going hungry in 2020 was 1 ...

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Food tribes must find common ground to solve hunger and climate change

Divisions over what makes a healthy, sustainable diet are so entrenched it is easy to assume that ‘food tribes’ – from the plant-based movement to the committed carnivores – have nothing in common.

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Foods that last forever: Preserving crop diversity during a crisis

As global supply chains grapples with the COVID-19 pandemic, the safeguarding of food security is of dire concern to governmental and agri-food stakeholders. Speaking to representatives of the world’s leading seed vaults, FoodIngredientsFirst explores the role of gene banks in conserving crop di ...

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For a healthier planet and people, we must fix our broken food system

Food is not only the most fundamental of human needs, but also one of the closest connections humans have with the natural environment. Along with the air we breathe and the water we drink, the food we eat is also a leading driver of public health.

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Forests, Farms, and the Global Carbon Sink: It’s Happening

Arthur “A.G.” Kawamura’s family has been growing fruits and vegetables in the US state of California for three generations, but they’ve never seen heat like this. “We’ve had two once-in-a-millennium heatwaves in the past two years,” says Kawamura. “The climate is changing, and farmers have to ch ...

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Forget lab-grown meat and blockchain. This is the future of food

The future of food is often defined by cutting-edge technologies like lab-grown meat or blockchain. Mike Lee, a Brooklyn, N.Y.-based food product developer and co-founder of Alpha Food Labs, argues for a simpler solution — we need to grow and eat different plants.

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Forgotten Crops of the Past

Dr. Jesus Garcia gets calls all the time from people who’ve found some long-forgotten plant growing in a patch of dirt somewhere in the hot dry desert around Tucson, Arizona. Over the years, he’s become something of a plant detective, having identified a white pomegranate growing in a grandmothe ...

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French President urges global leaders to support agricultural development

In a move to sustainably address rising hunger and poverty, exacerbated by COVID-19, climate change and biodiversity loss, French President Emmanuel Macron called on global leaders to step up their commitments in support of long-term agricultural development.

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French crop yield, area and production data for ten staple crops from 1900 to 2018 at county resolution

Agricultural performance is influenced by environmental conditions, management decisions and economic circumstances. It is important to quantify their respective contribution to allow for detecting major hazards to production, projecting future yields under climate change and deriving adaptation ...

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Friendly neighbours? Study shows crop yield increases when biodiverse environments surround farms

As winter sets in over Punjab, one can hear the humdrum of hundreds of machines harvesting rice across lakhs of hectares of paddy fields. In Maharashtra, villages in Vidarbha lug their snowy cotton harvest to the market.

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From land evictions to intensive agriculture: the struggle to reconnect Ogiek beekeepers to the Mau forest environment

The diversity of ecosystems that characterize the Kenyan territory lend themselves particularly well to beekeeping activities. From the arid areas of the northern part of Kenya to the montane forests in the center of the country, beekeeping has for centuries represented an important interface be ...

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From traditional practice to top climate solution, agroecology gets growing attention

The satellite imagery is staggering: an Antarctic ice shelf roughly the size of New York City collapsing into the ocean. Its demise, captured and reported by NASA scientists in mid-March, was only the latest startling news from a region where temperatures have soared up to 40° Celsius (72° Fahre ...

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From words to action: Solution to hunger lies in agroforestry

Almost a quarter of children under age five are stunted, and many more are at risk of malnutrition and hidden hunger because of the poor quality of their diets.

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Future Food: Veg Meat alternatives at lunch on Wednesday in WEF2020 at Davos

In a unique initiative to promote sustainable diet, the organizers in the World Economic Forum have decided to observe 'Future Food Wednesday' by offering tasty and delicious alternatives to meat at lunch on January 22, the second day of the event. The menus of four days WEF2020 have been design ...


GEF Roundtable on Land, Water, and Food Security

26 March 2002, New York, United States of America

Side Event
COP 10


Presentation of community based management of agricultural biodiversity from different regions. Special focus on Community Seed Banks, and a launch of a report on Community Seed Banks.

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Gardening Communities: Agroecology and Gardening within the Slow Food Global Network

Gardening and small-scale agriculture has been our basic activity to produce food for thousands of years. In our current food systems, we are far from this reality and far from the understanding of what it takes to grow food while respecting nature, the environment, and communities.

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Gas giants: Can we stop cows from emitting so much methane?

That cow may look peaceful and harmless, munching on some grass in a verdant pasture. But don't be fooled—it is emitting methane, a particularly potent greenhouse gas contributing to runaway global climate change.

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Give farmers, citizens key role in Kenya food system

Achieving food and nutrition security is an international and national goal. Goal 2 of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) seeks to end hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition, and promote sustainable agriculture by 2030.

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Giving Diversity a Chance

We at the Global Crop Diversity Trust work to make sure that food has a future. So imagine our excitement when we found that a recent edition of The Economist included a Technology Quarterly – and indeed an accompanying leader – on… the future of food.


Global Challenges and Directions for Agricultural Biotechnology

13 - 14 May 2004, Washington D.C., United States of America


Global Forum on Agricultural Research (GFAR)

21 - 23 May 2000, Dresden, Germany


Global Soil Partnership

22 - 24 June 2015, Rome, Italy


Global Soil Partnership Plenary Assembly (FAO)

12 - 14 July 2023, Rome, Italy


Global Symposium on Soil Biodiversity (FAO)

1 - 3 June 2020, Rome, Italy


Global Symposium on Soil and Water (FAO)

31 May - 2 June 2023, Rome, Italy

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Global agriculture: Impending threats to biodiversity

A new study compares the effects of expansion vs. intensification of cropland use on global agricultural markets and biodiversity, and finds that the expansion strategy poses a particularly serious threat to biodiversity in the tropics.

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Global cropland could be almost halved by increasing agricultural productivity

With rising global demand for agricultural commodities for use as food, feed, and bioenergy, pressure on land is increasing. At the same time, land is an important resource for tackling the principal challenges of the 21st century—the loss of biodiversity and global climate change.

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