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World Maritime Day

30 September 2021, London, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

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The Deep Seas Near New Zealand Have Yielded 6 New Species of Bizarre Sponges

The biodiversity of the deep ocean is difficult to track, given its inhospitality to us – soft, air-breathing land dwellers. Down in the darkness, there's much more life than we have accounted for.

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Region of ‘Super Corals’ Discovered

In 2019, a hydrology professor at The University of Texas at Austin set out on a research project to see if he could identify harmful nutrients flowing through groundwater into a delicate coral reef sanctuary in the Philippines.

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The ocean has lost half its coral reef coverage, study finds

A Canadian-led team of scientists has concluded that tropical coral reefs that feed millions around the world have lost about half their ability to support human communities since 1950.

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Marine experts flag new Peru marine reserve that allows industrial fishing

When Peru declared the creation of the Nazca Ridge National Reserve in the country’s southern waters this past June, it also increased — in one fell swoop — the proportion of its maritime area under protection from less than 1% to nearly 8%. But the move has sparked an outcry from conservationis ...

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Manatee deaths in Florida point to a global decline in seagrass ecosystems

In July 2021, the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service announced that 866 West Indian manatees (Trichechus manatus) had died in the state of Florida in the first seven months of the year alone. The news shocked and saddened many Floridians, for whom the gentle, slow-moving mammal is a statewide mascot, ...

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In a First, Scientists Record Blue Whale Songs off the Lakshadweep Islands

One hot 2019 afternoon in Lakshadweep, as marine mammal scientist Divya Panicker sat engrossed in listening to recordings retrieved from underwater sound recorders, she came across low blue-whale moans amid the cacophony of a rooster crow.

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Underwater gardeners restore seagrass meadows to keep oceans healthy

A group of researchers is preparing to dive into the shallow waters of Dale Bay in Wales. They’re on a mission to monitor the restoration of the local species of seagrass, Zostera marina, also known as eelgrass, as part of a program spearheaded in 2014 by Project Seagrass, a U.K.-based charity t ...

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Venomous Snake Chasing You Through the Ocean Just Wants to Be Friends

Sea snakes are total nightmare fuel, but new research suggests their frequent “attacks” on scuba divers are in reality botched attempts to get lucky.

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Gigantic 400-Year-Old Coral Is The Widest Ever Seen in The Great Barrier Reef

Towering beneath sparkling waters off the coast of Australia's Palm Islands is an ancient coral community that predates the European settlement of its neighboring continent.

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Great Barrier Reef: accept ‘in danger’ status, there’s more to gain than lose

No one denies the cascade of climate-induced coral bleaching that devastated huge portions of the Great Barrier Reef in 2016, nor the subsequent bleaching. No one questions the Queensland government’s 2019 report (see go.nature.com/3ckg) that the reef’s condition near the shore is poor.

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Highly restricted dispersal in habitat-forming seaweed may impede natural recovery of disturbed populations

Marine forests (i.e. seascapes dominated by habitat-forming seaweeds1) are among the most productive ecosystems in temperate rocky coasts, enhancing biodiversity, ecosystem functioning and habitat complexity2,3.

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Spain prosecutors launch inquiry into mystery fish deaths

Prosecutors in the southern Spanish region of Murcia have launched an investigation after hundreds of dead fish began washing up along the shores of one of Europe’s largest saltwater lagoons.

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11 Fascinating Facts About Eels

Eels are a diverse group of fish that tend to look pretty slender; you might even call them “eel-longated.” Some are big, some are small, and more than a few come with nightmarish jaws. Naturalists have been probing their mysterious habits for millennia, and here are 11 things we’ve learned abou ...

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Podcast: What can seashells tell us about the health of the oceans?

On today’s episode of the Mongabay Newscast we discuss what seashells can tell us about the state of the world’s oceans, and we hear about the challenges facing the Philippines’ marine protected area system.

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Bermuda’s coral reefs ‘doing well’ but future is uncertain

Bermuda’s coral reefs could help to protect the island from strengthening storms – if we are able to keep them healthy. Robbie Smith, curator of the Natural History Museum at BAMZ, said at an online round table on the Bermuda Ocean Prosperity Programme that safeguarding the marine environment co ...

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Separate coral reef bureau needed to preserve PH reefs – expert

A marine biology expert said the country needs a dedicated bureau for coral reef management amid the challenges in preserving the marine environment in Philippine waters.

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Protecting Colombia’s shark paradise: Q&A with Sandra Bessudo

500 kilometers (310 miles) off the Pacific coast of Colombia lies Malpelo Island, a barren rock that marks the center of the Malpelo Fauna and Flora Sanctuary World Heritage Site. While Malpelo is virtually devoid of vegetation larger than a shrub, it is considered a biological treasure for its ...

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Sexy secret life of basking sharks uncovered in Hebrides

Fin-to-fin synchronised swimming, thought likely to be part of courtship, has been seen in groups of basking sharks for the first time. Video cameras attached temporarily to the sharks gave scientists an unprecedented view of their hitherto secret underwater world.

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Deadly coral disease sweeping Caribbean linked to wastewater from ships

A virulent and fast-moving coral disease that has swept through the Caribbean could be linked to waste or ballast water from ships, according to research.


167th session of the FAO Council

19 July 2021, Rome, Italy

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Undersea volcanoes are home to more life than we know

Bill Chadwick has seen things you wouldn’t believe. He’s observed an undersea volcano oozing carbon dioxide, which turned into an eerie, milky liquid under the intense water pressure. “That was crazy,” Chadwick tells Vox. He witnessed another eject a toxic plume that was killing and stunning fis ...

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