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Sustainable Ocean Initiative (SOI) Training of Trainers Workshop

11 - 15 September 2015, Yeosu, Republic of Korea

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Oceans need big reduction in greenhouse gases

Our oceans need an immediate and substantial reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. Otherwise, there will be far-reaching and irreversible impacts on marine ecosystems, says a study

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Guardians of Ras Ghanada: Abu Dhabi’s most vibrant coral reef

Coral reefs are among the UAE’s most biologically-diverse habitats. Besides their conservation and aesthetic value, they are important for fisheries and coastal protection. Ras Ghanada is Abu Dhabi’s most vibrant reef but needs to be protected from development future generations.

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Doubling Down on Shark Conservation as Jaws Turns 40

As Shark Week arrives for 2015, movie goers have the opportunity to relive a thrilling moment in cinema history with the re-release of the first bona fide summer blockbuster and the celebration of one of the ocean's (and this planet's) most magnificent set of creatures.

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Monitoring seawater reveals ocean acidification risks to Alaskan shellfish hatchery

Ocean acidification may make it difficult for Alaskan coastal waters to support shellfish hatcheries by 2040 unless costly mitigation efforts are installed to modify seawater used in the hatcheries.

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Great Barrier Reef: Australia says Unesco decision shows it is a 'world leader'

Greg Hunt, the federal environment minister, has said a UN decision not to list the Great Barrier Reef as in danger shows that Australia is a “role model to the world” in environmental protection.

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Dark Region of Ocean May Shed Light on Climate Change and Other Issues

The tiny fish known as the bristlemouth is part of a detective story that bears on everything from feeding the planet and monitoring ocean health to learning how to better predict climate change.

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Why are seabirds abandoning their ancestral nesting grounds in the Gulf of California?

Warming oceanographic conditions, fishing pressure are driving nesting seabirds away from their ancestral breeding ground in Mexico into California harbors

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Blue and fin whale distribution in waters off Southern California

A new study led by researchers at Scripps Institution of Oceanography at UC San Diego indicates a steady population trend for blue whales and an upward population trend for fin whales in Southern California.

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Glowing world of rainbow corals found in the Red Sea

There's a fluorescent disco world in the Red Sea. An assortment of glowing corals has been discovered more than 50 metres down, outshining the monotone green varieties seen in shallower waters.

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Grenada Rebuilds Barrier Reefs

BASSETERRE, St. Kitts, Jun 24 2015 (IPS) - The Eastern Caribbean nation of Grenada is following the example of its bigger neighbours Belize and Jamaica in taking action to restore coral reefs, which serve as frontline barriers against storm waves.

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Opinion: The Oceans Need the Spotlight Now

COLOMBO, Jun 22 2015 (IPS) - The international community must focus its energies immediately on addressing the grave challenges confronting the oceans. With implications for global order and peace, the oceans are also becoming another arena for national rivalry.

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U.N. Takes First Step Towards Treaty to Curb Lawlessness in High Seas

drafting a legally binding international treaty for the conservation of marine biodiversity and to govern the mostly lawless high seas beyond national jurisdiction.

Action by

Request for information relating to national exercises to describe areas meeting the criteria for ecologically or biologically significant marine areas (EBSAs)

Reference: SCBD/SAM/DC/JL/JA/JG/84660 (2015-071)
To: CBD National Focal Points and SBSTTA Focal Points; other Governments

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Hungry crabs snacking on mangrove seeds may foil reforestation

Crabs love mangrove swamps. But the mangroves may not love them back. Crabs' voracious appetite for mangrove seeds can be a prime reason why efforts to replant lost mangroves often fail.

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From Residents to Rangers: Local Communities Take Lead on Mangrove Conservation in Sri Lanka

KALPITIYA, Sri Lanka, Jun 17 2015 (IPS) - Weekends and public holidays are deadly for one of Sri Lanka’s most delicate ecosystems – that is when the island’s 8,815 hectares of mangroves come under threat.

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Tailored ocean management strategies needed to avoid depletion of fish stocks

A more tailored approach to Ocean management is required in the North Atlantic if the permanent loss of an increasingly valuable commercial fish stock is to be avoided, reveals new research led by the University of Salford.

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Hope for Indonesia's valuable but threatened mangroves

Recent study highlights the value of Indonesia’s disappearing mangrove forests, both on the global carbon market and for local communities

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Global seabird decline greater than expected

The global seabird population may have fallen by almost 70 per cent since 1950, a new study suggests

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Can Ocean Conservation and Development Coexist in Cuba?

Ninety miles south of the Florida Keys, where the Atlantic, Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico meet, Cuba's waters are still teeming with marine species that are now seldom seen in other parts of the Caribbean.

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Fish declines linked to effects of excess nutrients on coastal estuaries

A comprehensive study of a major California estuary has documented the links between nutrient runoff from coastal land use, the health of the estuary as a nursery for young fish, and the abundance of fish in an offshore commercial fishery.

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In Northern Haiti, Conservation Efforts Focus on Coastlines

CARACOL, HAITI — Only little fish are pulled from the coastal waters off Haiti.

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On World Day, UN urges global resolve to 'appreciate, protect and restore' Earth's oceans

8 June 2015 – Although the world's oceans are vast, their capacity to withstand damage caused by human activity is limited, compromising their critical contribution to the future of sustainable development, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon declared today as the United Nations kicked-off its celebra ...

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Understanding the ocean's value

The ocean is changing more rapidly than at any other point in millions of years – and not for the better.

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Warming corals may have little room to move

Corals may be forced to shift away from the equator as the globe warms, but some species may only be able to go so far, say researchers.

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