Subsidiary Body on Implementation

Advanced comments on four annexes mentioned in CBD/SBI/3/CRP.5 (SBI-3 item 9)

Further to Notification 2022-018 and SBI recommendation 3/11, this peer review has been extended to 7 May 2022. You will recall that Parties were not able to consider these annexes during the resumed session due to time constraints. Comments received by the original deadline of 25 February 2022 and those to be received by 7 May 2022 are separated below. Comments received will be made available for consideration by the fourth meeting of the Open-ended Working Group on the Post-2020 Global Biodiversity Framework (WG2020-4).

In addition, further to Notification 2022-024, a workshop will be held on 17 and 18 June 2022, prior to WG2020-4, on options to enhance planning, monitoring, reporting and review mechanisms. In particular, the workshop will provide an opportunity for Parties to discuss the proposed annexes, taking into account the results of the extended peer review.


The virtual session of SBI-3 (Part I) held in May and June 2021 discussed, among other matters, options to enhance planning, monitoring, reporting and reviewing mechanisms for the Convention and the post-2020 global biodiversity framework, and prepared a draft conference room paper (CBD/SBI/3/CRP.5) for further discussion and adoption at the resumed session of SBI-3 (13-29 March 2022). CBD/SBI/3/CRP.5 contained four annexes which SBI-3 requested the Executive Secretary to develop or revise and provide them for consideration at the resumed session. In response, the Executive Secretary prepared these four annexes contained in the following documents:

  • National reporting under the Convention: Revised guidance and draft template for the seventh and eighth national reports (CBD/SBI/3/11/Add.1/Amend.1) (ANNEX C)
  • Draft guidance for updating or revising national biodiversity strategies and action plans in light of the post-2020 global biodiversity framework (CBD/SBI/3/11/Add.4) (ANNEX A)
  • Modus Operandi of the open-ended forum of SBI for country-by-country review of implementation (CBD/SBI/3/11/Add.5) (ANNEX D)
  • Commitments from actors other than national governments in the context of an enhanced planning, monitoring, review and reporting mechanism (CBD/SBI/3/11/Add.6) (ANNEX B)

These annexes were presented during the webinar held on 13 January. Considering that there would be very limited time during the resumed sessions to discuss about these annexes, following the guidance of the SBI-3 Chair, it was recommended that time available due to the postponement of the resumed sessions be used to get advanced comments from Parties and observers on these annexes so that comments to be received could be considered in finalizing the conference room paper for adoption. The SBI Chair invited Parties and stakeholders to provide advanced comments on the four annexes during the period 14 January to 25 February 2022 (Notification 2022-001).

Submissions received by 25 February 2022


Bolivia (received 22 January 2022)

Cameroon (received 25 February 2022)

Canada (received 24 February 2020)

Ecuador (received 25 February 2022)

European Union and its Member States (received 28 February 2022)

Honduras (received 2 March 2022)

Japan (received 22 February 2022)

Mexico (received 9 February 2022)

Switzerland (received 25 February 2022)


Business for Nature (received 25 February 2022)

RSPB, ClientEarth, Friends of the Earth Europe, BirdLife International, WWF (received 25 February 2022)

UNEP and UNEP-WCMC (received 25 February 2022)

Submissions received by the extended deadline of 7 May 2022


Brazil (received 6 May 2022)

Chile (received 7 May 2022)

China (received 17 May 2022)


Costa Rica (received 7 May 2022)

New Zealand (received 13 May 2022)

Norway (received 4 May 2022)

Peru (received 7 May 2022)

Russian Federation (received 28 April 2022)

Seychelles (received 7 May 2022)

South Africa (received 6 May 2022)

Sudan (received 7 May 2022)

Trinidad and Tobago (received 25 April 2022)

Uganda (received 29 April 2022)

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (comments below received 5 May 2022 supersede those received 25 February 2022)


Convention on Migratory Species (CMS) (received 6 May 2022)

Every Woman Hope Centre (EWHC) (received 7 May 2022)

Global Youth Biodiversity Network (GYBN) (received 8 May 2022)

IIFB (received 9 May 2022)


Local and Subnational Governments Major Group (including ICLEI, and the Advisory Committee of Subnational Governments, Regions4 and the Edinburgh Process Partners) (received 6 May 2022)

Society for the Preservation of Natural History Collections (SPNHC) (7 May 2022)

United Nations University (received 6 May 2022)

Women4Biodiversity (received 18 May 2022)

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